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May/June 2014  
The Dilemma of the American Jewish Identity
Democracy vs. Judaism
How I Became a Zionist
Humor Page Would You Believe What is Written Here is Funny? Nah!
Who is Buried in Israel's First National Cemetery?
Yiddish Curses are today's Jewish Trash Talk
Will the Real Judaism Please Stand Up?
The Yiddish Burial Ceremony: A Story
The World of Chaiyes: Animal Life in the Yiddish World
The Symbolism of the Bull as Understood in the Holy Books
Rebbi Zushia's Secret to Joy of Living: a Chassidic Classic
The Countess of Desart: Ellen Odette Bischoffsheim True Story
Is the Spiritual Dependent on the Physical or is the Physical Dependent on the Spiritual?
Money and Happiness: What is the Relation?
Jewish in the Middle: An Advantage and Disadvantage
The Nature of Nature and the Nature God
Three Types of Jewish Meditation
Aunt Sadie and the Coal Dust- A True Story
Poems Honoring Righteous Gentiles During The Nazi Holocaust
O Israel - A Poem
Poems based on the Medrash


March/April 2014 Passover 
See Passover

February 2014 Purim 
See Purim

January 2014  
The U.S.S.Georgia and The Mystery of Seaman Benjamin Kreiger
Humor Page, Chuckles for U
Past and Prologue
Unknown Story Of American Rescues Of Children Of The Holocaust
How Royal British Mail Missed The Kindertransport Train
The Countess: A story dealing with a ten year old Brooklyn boy's first direct contact with the Holocaust
My Rendezvous with Destiny: The Letter From America That Changed Our Lives
Book Review: The Sages: The Galilean Period
Joseph in America: Comparing the Biblical Story of Joseph in Egypt to Today's Situation for the Jews in America
The Case of the Hidden Saint
How Are We to Relate to God?
Five Secrets for Raising Healthy and Happy Children
A Carpet of Leaves: A Beautiful Story
The Pseudo-Jewish Fetish with "Tikkun Olam"
Confronting My Own "Snakes"
10 Yiddish Words That Everyone Must Know
Grown Up At Nine During World War II: A Jewish Story
The Lone Ranger if he were Jewish

December 2013  
Max Nordau was the Co-Founder of the World Zionist Organization with Theodor Herzl
Jewish Astrological Horoscope for 2014 according to Kabbalah
Vatican and its Relationship to Fascism and the Jews
The Jewish Roots Of Nablus - Shechem
Enjoy the Jewish Magazine Joke and Humor Page
A Humorous Supernatural Tour through a Grave Yard Bring Souls up from the Other World
Motive and Opportunity : the Kotzker Rebbe thoughts are deep wells of inspirations
Guard Your Health is the Jewish Way
Whispers in Jars: Reflections on a Jewish Life in a Poem
A Poem: The Beautiful Maiden Who Cries With No Eyes
Reaping Rewards in this World
The Hebrew word 'Kushi' has been commonly mis-translated as 'Nigger'. What does it really mean?
A Bit of American Jewish History: the Georgia Jewish Community
The Jews of Cochin who trace their history 2,000 years ago as sailors in the fleets of King Solomon
Évian: How the World Allowed Hitler to Proceed with the Holocaust
The Docent: A Modern Story with a Holocaust Background
The Wall of Tears - A Jewish Story
The Reality of Jewish Mothers
Reflections of the Jewish Mother of a College Freshman
Must Religion be Expensive?

November 2013   Chanukah
For Our Chanukah Edition, Please Click Here

October 2013  
Jews and Jewish Cowboys in the Early West
Attraction and Attachment: Discern between Addiction or Attractioin
Anna's Story: a Jewess Growing Up in Pre-Nazi Austria
King David: the Role Model for Success
What has Happened to the Americans? Have Americans Become Dumb or Just Plain Stupid?
Babi Yar - Commemorating the Holocaust in the Ukraine
Laura Margolis: Shanghai Savior 1941-1943
Holocaust Reflections: Did the bestiality and horrors prove sufficient to end anti-Semitism?
Humor Page: Enjoy a Few Good Jokes
Yiddle Joe: The Jewish Cowboy
Older Volunteers from the USA for the Israeli Army
A Little Help from Our Friends: Chesed means Helping Each Other
The Frau: Jewish Short Story
What is in a Name? Changing from a Jewish name to a non Jewish name
Leadership in the Wilderness: Authority and Anarchy in the Book of Numbers
Portugal, New Christians: the Marranos, and the right of return
Can Vilnius Remember Vilna? Remembering the Liquidation of the Vilna ghetto
An Orthodox Jew in China has Interesting Observations
Was Shakespeare Jewish?
Developing a Relationship with God
The Feather: Finding Our True Place in Time and Space
The Party's Over: Memorial Messages On a Lonely Rainy Day
Finding Jewish Leadership

August/September 2013 High Holiday Issue  
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June/July 2013  
Break in at the Jewish Magazine office may prevent the publication of the online magazine.
Haym Salomon was an American Revolutionary Patriot who personally suffered and sacrificed much for the American cause
The Great Revolt in the Galilee: Ancient Jewish History
What Happened to Free Speech: Has the law has made perversion proper and being proper a perversion?
Jewish Humor
What is the Jewish View on Gun Control? a Rebuttal
Is There any Justification to a Jewish Claim on Gaza? A Brief Historical Review
Utilizing Jewish Ethical Teaching for Increasing Life's Productivity
Cracking the Dating Game: Getting down the Basic Skills
Palestine 1948 Betrayed by Efraim Karsh
Fugitive Colors: A Story of an Orthodox Boy with a Special Talent
Does Learning Torah Safeguard the People who Live in the Land of Israel?
What does learning Torah and Eating food have in common?
Who is Real: God or Man?
The God Problem: What Problem can one have with God?
Kreplach: the Jewish Answer to dumplings
The Three Levels of Pleasure: How Many Have You Achieved?
The Rich Man and the Wise Man: is there a Relationship between Wealth and Wisdom?
Escape from Baghdad: One Man's True Experiences Escaping from Iraq
A Jewish Story of a Boy and a Rabbi
Remembering Our Mothers: Candle Sticks Ignite a Memory
War as a win-win option

April/May 2013  
The Extent of Nazism in the Middle-East: the Farhud
Jewish Kingdom of Septimania (a medieval kingdom in southern France in the eighth century)
The Mystical Source of the Third Temple
Jewish Humor
Hank Greenberg, American Jewish Hero and Baseball Star
Jews and Gun Control
Peace on Mount Zion: Will Israel ever find Peace?
Midpoint of the World: democracy can kill democracy
Humor: New Concept will Bring Peace to the Middle-East
Marvelous Marvin
From out of the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau, a Poem
What was Missing on Shavout?
Meditation in Judaism
Passion and Sex: Is there a Place in the Torah?
Converting to Judaism: Problems in the Road
Is Finding Religion Necessarily Finding God?
How I Met Your Mother: The Ultimate Shidduch Story
How An American Girl Meets Her Georgian Husband in Ashdod
Shelter from the Storm: Gimme da Money!
Jewish Story: Do Martians Really Speak Yiddish?

March 2013  
The True Story of William Saunders Crowdy, a Slave, who went on to become a Black Rabbi
Amazing but Little Known Story of a Russian Jewish colony that sprang up in Virginia 1882 - 1883
Titus's Arch, A Jewish Perspective
I've Become Addicted to Jewish Humor
The Forgotten Origin of the Ethiopian Jews; from Northern Sudan
Every Family Has a terrible family secret
Truth, Justice or Peace? which is the Jewish choice?
What is Different in the Islamic Mind that makes them think differently from us?
Britian and the Balfour Declaration
I Am a Jewish Woman, I Speak to God: A Jewish Woman's Prayer as a Poem
Making a Mystical Understanding of Mitzvot: The Connection to God
Welcome to the legendary Jews of Chelm's Pond
Visiting the Chinese Jews in China
Lithuanian Holocaust Rememberance: The sight of neo-Nazis parading through Lithuania's capital
The State of Israel and Holocaust Denial
Does the Pursuit of Peace Brings War?
The Reality of Life and Death, of God and the Soul
Where Idealism and Realism Collide: the Israeli Liberals
Humor: License to Kvell
If Famous People had Jewish Mothers, a little humor
The Seeker, A Humorous Jewish Story
Sunday The Rabbi Converted: Jewish Life, Jewish Humor and Soul Searching

March 2013 Passover 
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February 2013 Purim 
Click Here to See our Purim 2013 Special,    

January 2013  
August Bondi The True Story of an Abolitionist Jew who fought to free the American Slaves
The Amazing Story of a German Jew who Fought Against the Nazis
One Kibbutz, Two Summers: Notes on Changes in the Kibbutz System After 40 Years of Absence: What are the Striking Changes?
Jewish Humor We can all use some Vitamin H: Humor and a Joke thrown in..
Israel as an 'Apartheid' state: The Thoughts of an ex-South African who lived in White-ruled South Africa and knows what 'apartheid' is first hand
The Temple Mount in Words and Photographs: The Sacred and the Profane
David's Sling; Is It Broken? Israel and the Relationship to the Various Arab Countries
Volunteering to Help the Israeli Army
With What Merit do the Women Gain Access to the Next World? Women's Changing Role in Torah and Mitzvot, Yesterday and Today
Poem: Can a moral man maintain his moral code in an immoral world?
On the Tenth of Tevet the Torah was Translated into Greek. Why was this a Tragic Event and not a Reason to Rejoice?
Keeping Company with Anne: A True Story of a Holocaust Survivor who is Called to Give Testimony to His Personal Experiences under the Cruel Nazis
Momma, Why do my Tephilin have to be Black? Strangely, it is the only thing all Jews Agree About.
Why are Jews so smart? IQ: Analytical vrs Memory, which do you think is worth more?
How to Stop Worrying and Live a Tranquil Life
What can Abraham, Isaac and Jacob teach us on How to Live a Happy Life? Didn't they have plenty of Problems?
The Secret of Jewish Parenting: The Ultimate Balancing Act: Letting go of our children
How can we Take Lessons from the Torah and Apply them to Real Life?
If they had Jewish mothers (and maybe they did)! Tongue in Cheek
The Letter to God: An Old Russian Folk Story (translated from the Russian into English)
Book Review: To Hell in a Handbasket: Carter, Obama, and the "Arab Spring"

December 2012  Chanukah
Click here for Chanukah Special Magazine

October/November 2012  
The fate of Palestine, Woodrow Wilson, America's policy and Inacuraces in the King Crane Report,
The Jewish King of Poland,
The Messiah and Theodor Herzl,
Did Maimonides really pray on the Temple Mount?,
The Cow: a Story about the agricultural colonies established by Baron Maurice de Hirsh around the turn of the 20th century,
The life and times of Saadia Gaon,
Humor, Jokes and a couple of Chuckles,
Hebrew - Moi?, New in Israel?,
Chosen People, Jewish Humor,
Wisdom from Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and a Few Other Friends,
The 1965 Watts Riots vrs. Jewish Life,
Germany: A Jewish Tourist's Observations,
Mosaic Rhetoric: The Lawgiver's Last Will to the Children of Israel,
How You can Find a Buried Treasure,
God: Using a Gift Properly makes the Giver Happy,
My First Torah Lesson: Good Fences Make Good Jews,
A Poem: Hear, O Israel,
Poem: A Shayna Maidel,
A Jewish Story of a Jew in Middle-Age Syria,
Story: The Shrewd Constable by Mikhailo Staritsky (1840-1904),
Book: The Bride and the Dowry: Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians in the Aftermath of the June 1967 War,

August/September 2012 High Holydays
Quick Guide for the Jewish High Holidays 5773-2012,
Amazing Astrological Forecast for the New Jewish Year,
The Secret of the Shofar Blowing on Rosh HaShanah,
How Can Repentance, Prayer, and Charity remove the Evil Decree?,
Ten Days of Apologies: The Power of Apology,
Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur are Times of Change,
A Bird from Heaven: A Story for Rosh HaShannah,
The Holocaust, American Response and the bombing of Auschwitz: Was there any Effort to Rescue the Jews?,
Parenting: Purpose or Pardon? The Case of the Jewish Weight-lifter-ess,
War on Terror: What are the Legal Issues Related to International Terrorist Acts and State Support,
Serious Problems Surface in the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox World,
Ancient Canaanites and Israelites meet Jews and Israelis,
What is the Real Cause of Hatred towards Jews?,
The Jewish Gauchos Of Argentina are the Equivilant to the American Cowboys,
My Mother, the Shadchen and our Boarder,
God of Creation, A Poem,
Humor is Always Welcome,

July/August 2012  
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Golda Meir, Yom Kippur War, and the Anti-Semite who saved Israel,
Yitzhak Shamir: A personal story,
Israel Today: the Ultra Orthodox, Secular Israelis, the IDF Draft, and Well Being,
The Ultra-Orthodox and Army Service in Israel: a Response,
Visiting Vilna, once the Jerusalem of Europe,
Holocaust Art Exhibit at the Israel Museum,
Lost and Found: A Holocaust Story,
Growing Up Jewish before World War II Holocaust,
"Abtreibungen macht frei": Abortion Camps,
Gedemfte Flaysh For All Mankind: the food of Jewish Giants and Flanken Recipe,
Building Self Confidence through Contemplation in God ,
Do You Really Believe that the Koreans Learn Talmud?,
Tisha B'Av: The Jewish Response to Tragedy,
What is Missing in Fasting?,
Jewish Racism: Is it Superior to the Racism of the Gentiles?,
Jews Without a Deep Understanding of Their Own Religion, Heritage, and History Think Little of Disavowing Them,
Palestinian Authority Cheats on Population Count,
Apathetic Robots are Roaming the Streets of America: the Internet,
Raising Children, How to and How not to,
Book Review: Steinsaltz New English Talmud Bavli,
Humor, Jokes and a couple of Chuckles,
Jewish Humor: Bologna with Mayo on White Bread,
Jacob's Ladder: the Great-Grandfather I Never Knew,
Jewish Humor: Moses' Family: What were they like?,
Laurie Lipman & the Seder: A Gentile's View of Judaism,
Jewish Poem: The Hand of the Beholder,
Ashes: Holocaust Poem,
Among the Sages,

June/July 2012  
Is it All about Motherhood?,     My Grandmother and that Son of a Bitch Hitler,     Revelations from Khirbet Qeiyafa,     Mr. Obama's Peace Process and the Duality of Language,     A Concentration Camp Diary,     Some Humor, a few Jokes and a couple of Chuckles,     My Father, the Philosopher,     Over His Head-A Very Jewish Story,     My Jewish Cat - Jewish Humor in a Jewish Story,     "S'iz Shver Tsu Zayn A Yid"! - It's Hard to be a Jew,     Survivors from the Refugee Boat "Exodus" Meet 64 Years Later,     A Cartoon - The Truth According to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,     The Choosen Fantastic People: a Poem,     Requiem - a Poem,     Finding Love, Happiness and Fulfillment in Marriage and Life,     Man's Advantage over G-d,     Living without Boxes, a System of Pre-Judging all Men,     Psalms and Prophecy: the Essence of Man,     The Czech Holocaust Torah at Beit Tshuva in Los Angeles,     Mussar Moments at the End of My Mother's Life,     The Great "Aha Moment" in Israel,     The Accidental Anarchist: From the Diaries of Jacob Marateck,     Post Palestine Israel: Is this the Next Holocaust?,     Losers and Keepers - the (mis)portrayal of Jewish Argentina,     Why Judging Others is a Barrier and a Burden,     Lieselotte 1941 - Poem from the Holocaust,     Life Goes On - Poetical View of Life

May 2012  
Jewish Abortion, When is it Permitted? Eugenics and the Holocaust,     Sandy Koufax: a Brief Encounter,     How to Achieve the Perfect Marriage,     Jewish Marriages Made in Heaven,     Humor, Jokes and Assorted Chuckles,     Humor in a Florida Vein,     Humor: Have an Apple,     Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik's Sidur is an Amazing Work,     Yiddish, a Bisle of History of its Development,     The Last Self-Congratulatory Jew,     When Sorrele Found Itzig: A Taste of Honey,     To See The Light, a Jewish Story,     The American Jew: How One Group of Immigrants Changed a Nation,     A Jewish State or a State of Jews?,     Experiencing Lag B'Omer in Israel,     Yom Ha'Shoah: National Holocaust Rememberance Day,     The Finger of God in a Holocaust Memorial?,     Why Peace will not come with Islam ,     In Which Direction is America's Morality Heading?,     Sex, Money, and Video Games: a Modern Equivilant to Idolatry?,     Torah Values for Life and Business,     Reflections on my Mother from a Long Gone Age,     and     Polish Holocaust Study Exchange

April 2012 Passover Special
The Seder Made Easy,     Antagonist's Civil War Passover,     Make a Matza Sandwich Like Hillel with Soft Matza,     What was lost in the Holocaust?,     What Happened to Israeli Brains and Courage?,     Why is the Number Four so Popular at the Seder? Why not Three?,     The History of Charoset for Passover with International Recipes,     A Wonderful Passover Story of the Haggadah and the Exodus from Egypt,     Passover Poem about the Exodus from Egypt,     The Enchanted Matzoh,     The Longest Seder,     Martin Winter: The True Story of a Holocaust Survivor who Rebuilt His Life,   and   Her Name Was Klara Jasinski An Encounter with a Polish Holocaust Survivor    

March 2012 Purim Special
Click Here to See our Purim 2012 Special,    

February 2012  
An Apology: Homosexuals, Gays, Lesbians And Jewish Law,     The Medieval Parur Synagogue In South India,     Visiting the Jews of India,     Memories from a Synagogue,     The Koran, The Tribute, Or The Sword! - Islam's Conquest of the Middle East,     Preserving the Memory of the Holocaust,     Humor, Joke and Stories for the Winter,     Humor: My New Jewish Food Channel,     Humor: Yoga for Jewish Mothers OR: The Sacred "OY",     Humor: Reality Bus,     Jewish Story: Always Beside Me,     Poem: All Men Are Like Sailors,     Poem: The Child Asks Why,     A True Lesson in Faith in God,     Mystical Primer: God's Kingdom and Reign over the World,     Talmudic Lesson: Why say Psalm 145 Three Times a Day?,     Creating Meaningful Jewish Rituals - A Recipe for Well-Being,     Who Was Patriarch Abraham's Mother?,     Science and the Torah: The Age of the Earth,     Book Review: How Did Jews Fare in Arab Lands?,     A Brief History of the Chazan and the Cantor,   and   Humor?: (not) Coping with Bureaucracy,    

January 2012  
Have Homosexuals Taken Over Jewish Education?,     Jewish Astrological Kabbalistic Horoscope for 2012,     Philosophy and God,     Why the Ultra Orthodox in Israel Do Not Work,     Becoming Aware of the Hidden Dangers in Groups,     Jewels from the Talmud, a Lesson from the Gemora,     Jews in Germany of the 1770's,     Jewish Immigrants to America as Seen through Letters,     The Persian Conquest Of Jerusalem,     Jewish Life with Special Needs Children,     Jews, Genes, and Converts to Judaism,     Humor, Joke and Stories for the Winter,     Grossinger's, the Jewish American Experience,     Yiddish, a bisle History,     A Return to the Jewish Roots,     Renewing Jewish Inspiration from the Birthright Program,     The Brooklyn Dodger Meets The Louisville Slugger,     Jews at the Time of the Civil War,     A Terror Of Knives, a story,   and   What does G-d's Tefillin Say?,    

December 2011 Chanuka
New for Chanukah: Quick Chanukah Guide to Lighting the Menorah,     Thank God, We have Channuka, not Christmas,     A Single Vial of Oil,    
New Articles: A New History of Grigory Rasputin and his relationship with the Jews,     Joseph Goebbels: Propaganda and Myth,     Solomon Bibo, a Jewish man from Poland, was a Chief of the Acoma Indians of New Mexico,     Holocaust Revelations: A Holocaust Survivors Opens up to Her Daughter,     Finding the Original Hebrew Script: Paleo-Hebrew,     Visiting the History of the Hebrew Alephbet Exhibit in the Tower of David,     Bronx Memories,     The Jewish Pledge of Allegiance: the Shema,     Shmuel Zygielbaum's Journey to Alert the World to the Nazi Extermination of the Jews,     The Ship of Fools: Polictical Commentators and Understanding the News,     Actions Have Consequences: Bernie Madoff and The Holocaust,     Why Abbas Doesn't Want Jews in Palestine,     Transmogrifying The World: a Poem,   and   A Poem about Finding God,    

November 2011  
Joseph Goebbels: Art, Culture and the Nazi State,     Exploring Jewish Roots in Yiddish in Vilna,     A True Story from the Holocaust From the Displaced Person's Camp,     Cruelty to Animals: The Jewish Perspective,     Learning about Life from The Tree of Life,     Book of Samuel: Lessons on: Arrogance, Anger and G-d,     Creation of a Palestinian State: A Better Plan,     The World's First Woman Engineer,     Humor, Joke and Stories for the Winter,     Jewish Humor - Catering Her Own Wedding: Alone in the Temple, or You've Glatt to be Kidding,     Humor: The Bar Mitzvah Ceremony through the Eyes of the Bar Mitzvah Teacher,     Fleeing from the European Holocaust - a True Story,     The True Story of a Collection of Violins Recovered from the Holocaust,     Animals in the Holocaust,     Book Review: Jewish Prayer,     Raising the Rates of Return: Invest in Your Own Life, Not Just Your Money,     My Grandfather Escaping Czarist Russia,     Poem: Double Date with an Anti-Semite,     Two Chassidic Poems,     Finding Paradise on Highway 89,     Women Make Jewish Souls,     The Worth Of A Human Life,     The Energy of a Mezuzah,   and   You Can Trust Man To Do His Job,    

September-October 2011 High Holidays  
New for the Holidays: Quick Guide for the Jewish High Holidays 5772-2011,     The Joke: Atonement and Forgiveness: Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur,     Open the Gates on Rosh HaShanah,     Special for Rosh Hashanah: Ten Ways to be a Mentsch,     Chosen Road - a Poem for Rosh HaShanah,     For the Sin I Have Sinned: A Yom Kippur Story from the Holocaust,     Sacredness - a Poem for Yom Kippur,     Book Review: the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy,     Astrological Forecast for the New Jewish Year,    
New Articles: Jewish Soldiers in Hitler's Nazi Army,     Old Cemeteries in Poland with Jewish Tombstones,     Freedom of Religion versus Animal Rights,     Hitler's Misanthrope: Paul Joseph Goebbels, Chief of Nazi Propaganda,     The Story of Hannah's Clock: A True Story from World War II,     Magic Eyelashes: Visit to Bubbie and Zaddie,     Dunkirk, Remembering the Invasion,    

August 2011  
Four Immortal Chaplains who Died to Save Men of All Faiths,     Why Jewish Minds Excel in Academics,     Susie & Edit - True Story of Fleeing Hitler's Europe,     Pequots, Peki'in and Palestinianism and the story of Israel,     Will all Israel return to the Promised Land?,     Will a Palestinian State Benefit the Palestinians?,     Visiting the Jewish American Museum,     "Hey Dad! What's A Moyel?" Bris Humor,     Cool Off,     America, the Beautiful using Earth's resources?,     "Was Your Grandfather Jewish?" A Jew Travels in Europe,     Can Love be Dictated?,     Tu B'Av, Reconnect with your Spiritual Base,     Tradition of Tisha B'Av In The Fourth Century,     Reflections on Tisha B'Av,     Mystical Primer: The Godly Realm of Atzilut,     What is the Best Form of Government from a Jewish Perspective?,     The Power of a Jewish Woman,     Remembering Pesach Kaplan, Yiddish Writer,     Heart Conversations in Yiddish,     Speechless Times: A Very Short Poem,     What would the Animals in the Bible tell us if they could speak?,   and   Book Review: Koren Rosh Hashana Mahzor 

July 2011  
Jews and the Battle of the Little Big Horn,     American Jews and the Congressional Medal of Honor,     Why are Jews so Smart?,     Brit without Milah: Something New or Nothing at All?: Non Violent Circumcision: Is this Something or just a Scam?,     Holocaust History: Six Years to Escape from Hell,     The Concubine and the Tribe of Benjamin,     After the Holocaust: Reviving the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery,     Humor: A Break from the Mundane,     Jewish enough for Hitler,     Book Review: In the Narrow Places: for the Three Weeks,     The Holocaust in Poland: Zegota and Rescuing Jews,     Several Poems about the Beauty of Summer,     Sumsum Requiescat: A Story about an Ordinary Woman in Israel,     Visting the Khirbet Karta Archeological Ruins near Athlit,     What is the Difference between G-d fearing and Pious? Exploring Ethics,     Mystical Primer: the Beginning of Revelation,     Jewish Humor: Passover as Seen Through the Eyes of a Foreign Worker Is Life's Value Measured by its Capacity to Entertain? Value of Life and the Third Temple,     Money Can Bring Happiness: The Real Cost of Living,     On Teaching Judaism to Seventh Graders,     Discriminationfor Being a Jew Visiting the Temple Mount,     and   Three Animal Stories from the Torah: The Serpent, the Dove and the Camel,    

June 2011  
Shmuel Zygielboim: A Lost Cassandra, the Holocaust and Zionism ,     The Strange Story of Micah, contrasting the Grandsons of Moses to Aaron, from the Book of Judges ,     Samson - Was He Really the Type of Good Jewish Boy We Want from our Sons? ,     Joel Edelman - A Holocaust Survivor ,     On Transmitting Family Trauma to the Next Generation ,     The Holocaust Was The Murder Of Six Million Jews ,     Kristallnacht - the beginning of Fleeing Nazi Europe ,     Trying to Make Sense in a World that Does Not Make Sense ,     Introduction to Chasidic Concepts, Part 5 ,     Voluntary Simplicity and the Torah Life ,     Shavout from the Past, Captured on Video from the Spielberg Archives ,     The Synagogue in Rome with Five Shuls, A Lesson in Jewish Pluralism ,     What Would Bible Animals Say if They Could Talk? ,     Contempory Jewish Life: Notes from a Writing Center ,     Life in Israel; View from an Ex-Pat ,     The Other Shore, a book excerpt ,     Stories of the Sages of the Second Temple Period ,     Shepherd Boy, a Jewish story ,     A Jewish Fantasy Story ,     The Phone Urge, a Story ,     Jewish Education: Four Things I Wish You Didn't Say To Your Teenager ,   and   Humor: A Break from the Mundane

May 2011  
Inside The Kovno Ghetto, Lithuania,     Sixty Three Years of Independence: Israel's Independence Day,     Deborah the Prophetess,     Humor to Chill Out With,     Good and Bad Deaths,     Blessings Under the Big Sky,     Book Review: Jews from Arab Lands,     Grandparents and the Chain of Generations,     Immigrant Pioneers to the USA,     The Two-State "Solution": Around The World and in History,     Raytheon And The Rabbi: Small Town Kosher,     A Jewish Story of Three Women, Three Generations,     Tapestry: The Inner Desire for Spirituality,     Primer of Chasidic Concepts, Part 4,     The Death of Rabbi Akiva's 24,000 Students the Omer ,     Making Peace: Learning from the Kaddish Prayer,     Jewish Ox Tail Recipe,     The Mother's Bris Experience,     Yehudah Bar Ilia,     The Jewish Tiger: Guilty and Suffering,     "Rough-and-tumble" of Israel's Democracy,     Lotto & Rational Irrational People,     Genetics of Jewish History and Prediction of the Next Tragedy,     Till Death Did Us Part,     Ode to a Jewish Mama,   and   Three Jewish Poems about God and Holiness,    

April 2011  PASSOVER
For full Passover Magazine Click Here,     Featured Articles:   Guide to Make a Very Easy Passover Meal,     The Seder Made Easy,     The Four Cups during the Seder & Our Four Mothers,     A Humorous Glimpse into a Typical American Passover,     Fermentia: Passover Fear!,     Passover and the Invention of the Sandwich by Hillel,     The Prelude And Flight From Egypt,     Our Passover in Jerusalem,     The Journey Home from the Holocaust in Lithuania,     Living Past the Holocaust: a Survivor's Story,     A Zionist debt fulfilled: Rev. William Hechler, the Christian who backed Theodor Herzl,     Humor, Jokes and Assorted Chuckles,     Jewish Stamps Commissioned for England ,     Kabbalah for Atheists,     Learning Kabbalah Through Humor,     Nostra Aetate: The Popes' Proclamation that the Jews are Not Responsible for Killing Jesus,     A Poem to Remember the Fogel Family from Itamar that was Murdered by Arab Terrorists,     The Great Pool Hall Caper: A Jewish Story,   and   Relevance of the Torah and Sacrifices to a Secular Jew    

March 2011 Purim
NOTE: For full Purim Magazine Click Here,     Featured Articles:   Purim: Pleasure, Enjoyment and the Evil Decree,     A True Story of Purim in Galitzia, 1917,     Purim Guide for 2011,     Purim Meal Planner for a Great Festive Purim Meal,     Purim: Learning to be Happy the Entire Year!,     Passover to Purim, Mystically Speaking,     Judeo-Arabic Purim Literature,   and   Purim Years Ago as seen in the Video Archives,    

February 2011  
Abraham ibn Ezra, the Scholar's Rabbi from the Middle Ages,     Persuit of Pleasure, God, and Kabbalah,     Does Israel Suffer from the Battered Woman Syndrome? Leo Frank, the Jews and Zionism,     Jewish Kasha Recipe,     Mystical Primer: Adam Kadmon, Arik Anpin, Atik Yomin, Tzimtzumim,     Comparing Censorship Under the Germans and under the Russians,     Visiting the Sick: Proper Etiquette and Behavior for Vising the Ill,     Humor to Warm Up With,     Canada Boycots Durban,     Was Joachim Gaunse the first to discover Gold in North Carolina?,     Remembering and Resembling your Parents,     Gifts from my Grandfather,     Intermarriage in England,     What is the Percentage of Jews?,     Emissary of the Doomed: Bargaining for Lives in the Holocaust,     A Day's leave in Rome During World War II,     Is it Possible to Command Some One to Believe if it is NOT in His Heart?,     Conquering Tay-Sacks Disease,     Rabbi Yose HaGalili and visiting the Galilee,     Visiting Wineries North of Jerusalem,     "Traifener Kop!" Overnight in a Jewish Camp,     Facing Salvador: A Story of a Child's Courage,     M is for the Many Things She Told Me: A story of Life and Death,    and     A Little Jewish Town: a Holocaust Story,    

January 2011  
Astrological Horoscope for 2011,     Introduction to Understanding the Hasidic Mystical System, Part 2,     Shiva Etiquette - Visiting a Jewish Home Durring the Seven Day Mourning Period,     How did the Chinese Chicken become a Jewish recipe?,     Who is a Jew: the Challenge of Modern Jewry,     Making of the Jewish Identity in the Twentieth Century,     Farewell, Mother - True Story from the Holocaust,     Ingredients to Ensure a Happy Marriage,     Growing from Noah's Experience, the Flood and the Tower of Babel,     Humor to Make it through January,     Where Did Atlit And Hadar Haifa Go after 62 years absence?,     The Temple Mount is the Heart of Jewish Israel,     Showboat - the Broadway Play that Captured America,     The Reality of Feelings; the Reality of Thought,     Super Bowl Yahrzeit - The Green Bay Packers and my Father,     The Wonderful Shabbat in Sfat,     Shmuel Hakoton - the Sublime Outlook of a Sage of the Talmud,     Jewish Free Loan Societies, the G'mach in Israel,     Support our Home Team: Israel,     Millions of Souls: A Holocaust Memoire,     Can You Percieve God in this World?,     The Interview - A Jewish Story,     Two Jewish Poems,   and   Gratitude: the Gateway to Happiness  

November-December 2010 Chanuka Edition  
From our History: Torquemada and the Inquisition,     Who murdered Chaim Arlosoroff?,     An Introduction to Understanding the Hasidic Mystical System,     What Claim do the Jews have to the Land of Israel?,     Jewish Letters from Letters from Jasionowka, Poland - 1887 Shed Light on Jewish Life,     The Humorous Case of the Bar Mitzvah Suit,     Barney Ross, Jewish-American Boxing Champion and War Hero,     Jews Who Live Beyond Reality,     Surviving the Reich: The World War II Saga of a Jewish-American GI ,     Why Russian Israelis are against Clinton's Peace Proposals,     Its a Sin: Growing Up Jewish,     The Story from the Talmudic Sage, Choni HaMagel,     Israel: Making the Dream into the Reality,     and for Chanuka: Quick Chanukah Guide to Lighting the Menorah, and to see more Chanuka related articles CLICK HERE.

October/November 2010  
The Struggle for the Jewish Legion and The Birth of the IDF,     Belief in God and Judiasm,     Mohammad and the Jews,     Humor to Make it through the Dreary Day,     Visit To Poland's Concentration Camps,     Is Religion and Spirituality the Same?,     What keeps Jews Going on the Jewish Journey throughout History?,     Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem: A Tourist's Guide,     Istanbul Intrigue: What if FDR Listented?,     Harry meets Aunt Rhona & Uncle Morris,     How To Win A Jewish Princess,     Waiting: The story of Israel, the kite flyer,     Stalin's Problem with Molotov's Jewish Wife,     Joshua, Achan, and the Sin of the Israelites,     Divine Dough and Challah Recipe,     Polish Holocaust Memoir,     Leaving the Jewish Holydays and Entering Winter,     "Hey Waiter. There's God in My Soup!",     When Lightning Strikes.Schluff!,     What Exactly is the Arab-Israeli Conflict About?,     Alternatives to Urban Living,     Birthing Day in Jerusalem,     On Returning from Israel,   and   Oneness:;a Poem

September 2010  High Holidays  
Quick Guide for the Jewish High Holidays 5771-2010,     Eruv Tavshilin: What's that?? a Brief Explanation,     Jewish Astrological Forecast for 5771,     Sarah, Rosh HaShanah, Hope and Change,     Reflections for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur,     a Prayer at the Kotel for the New Year,     Rosh Hashanah in Antarctica: a Chilling Experience,     Tashlich, Water and Rosh HaShanah,     Rosh Hashanah: the Power to Change,     During Kol Nidre, a Poem,     The Mitzvah of Eating before Yom Kippur,     Yonah - A Lesson of Self-awareness,     Ecclesiastes (Kohelet) and the Succah ,     Succah Explained in Time, Space and Soul,     Ethical Thought and Ethical Behavior,   and   Simchat Beit HaShoeva: The Secret of the Otherworldly Happiness during the Water Sacrifices of the Sukkoth Holiday,   and   MUCH MORE!

August 2010  
Secular Learning versus Yeshiva Learning - What is the Difference?,     Judge Brandeis, President Wilson and Reverend William E. Blackstone changed Jewish history,     Old European Synagogues,     Cool Humor for a Hot Month,     Slichot at the Kotel In Elul,     A Wedding in Town,     The Baal Shem Tov's Midnight Visitor: Humor,     Mandelbread - It Really Is Never Too Late,     Israel's Prime Ministers,     The Meaning of Life and Other Hilarities,     A Jewish Bankruptcy,     Saying Goodbye to the Holidays: What Next?,     In Jerusalem,     The Mystic Experience in Israel,     The Wandering Phone: Humor,   and   Ezra: A Jewish Story

July 2010  
Polish Jewish Cemeteries,     Theodore Herzl, Rev. William Hechler and the Zionist Beginnings,     So the Temple was destroyed, what now?,     Humor and Joke Page,     Waiting for the Messiah,     Never forget the Holocaust!,     Movie Review: A Serious Man,     The Andorra Star was sunk with German Jewish refugees,     Healthy Body, but is it a mitzvah?,     Do You Remember the Catskills?,     Coinage in Talmudic Literature,     S. Y. Agnon, an Anyalsis of his Works,     Small Change Inspires Big Changes,     Grandparents Missing, Grandchildren Missing,     Trying Moments, Giving Thanks,     Stories and Poems Specials:  A Beautiful Temple to One God,     A Tisha B'Av Story,     From Tiny Acorns Grow: a Story,     The Spider and the Schnitzel, One Poem, Three Versions,    

June 2010  
Moses Mendelssohn - The Jewish Reformer,     Angels and Demons,     Tamuz and Av, Jewish months with a Historic Past,     Understanding G-d by Exploring the Hebrew Meaning of His Two Names,     Marriages and Shidduchs, Mazel and Meeting your Mate,     Albert Einstein and His Mission in Turkey,     Remembering Sergeant Harry Fisher,     Humor and Joke Page,     The S.S. Ben Hecht: "The Mandate of Conscience", An Obscured Tale of Zionist Heroism,     Dona, Dona - The Mystical Explanation of an old Jewish Folk Song,     King David and the USA, What Do They Have in Common?,     Censorship in Canada,     Seeking Balance between Ahab and Abraham,     German Jews in the Allied Military during World War II,     The Eleventh Commandment? A Light-hearted Look: Remembering Hebrew School and Bas Mitzvah,     What is Wrong with Israelis?,     Tisha B'av: Lessons about Joy and Sadness,     Tisha B'Av Probability Analysis,     Exploring Old Mikvas in Poland,     The Changing Face of Holocaust Memory,     Kiddish: Charles Rosenberg, a Holocaust Survivor and Man of Faith,     Genesis Re-Examined: Could the Torah Be Scientifically Correct?,     Elisha Ben-Yitzhak - My Journey from the Kibbutz to Art,   and   The Meaning of the 3 Stones Placed on Tombstones,    

April - May 2010, and Shavout
The Hungarian Holocaust Experience,     What is, what was the Omer?,     Tales from Poland's Grave Yards,     Four Types of Parents: What Happens when you Combine the Mishna of Baba Kama with Mystical Concepts?,     A Normal Jewish Death: A Yom Ha Shoah Remembrance,     What Was Shakespeare's Jewish Connection?,     Shavuot, it was the Festival of the First Fruits,     Jewish Genealogy from the Shtetl to the Holocaust and Israel,     Humor and Joke Page,     The Reward for Holiness,     American "Righteous Gentiles Among the Nations",     Book Review: Religious Compulsions and Fears,     Book Review: Good Arabs: The Israeli Security Agencies and the Israeli Arabs, 1948-1967,     "...and God Spoke" How did He speak??,     What do the Arabs want from Israel?,     Reward for a Mitzvah,     Establishing a Joyous Relationship between Man, Nature and God,     There are Four Types of Pleasure,     A Story about Life and Death,     What Teddy Wanted, A Jewish Story,     The Diary of Abraham Rosenman, A Story based on the Holocaust,     The Choice to Fight: When a Father has Cancer,     A Jewish Love Story: the Golem's Heart,     The Aunt, a Jewish story,     Counting the Omer, a poem,     Joe and Paul, A Jewish Poem with some Yiddish words,   and   The People Triumphant - a Poem,    

March 2010, and Passover
Guide for Making an Easy and Enjoyable Seder,     The Importance of Passover, Its the central point of Judaism,     Passover Humor,     Selling of Chametz from a Historical Prospective,     Red, a Sign - A Passover Poem,     Mordecai Manuel Noah and the Jewish State of Ararat ,     Jim Levy, Irish Jewish Gunfighter of the Old West,     A God Who Hates - New Book by Wafa Sultan,     A Light in the Dark - Personal Holocaust Experience,     The Extremist Nature of Israel Apartheid Week,     Growing up in the East End of London: Recollections of World War II in East London,     Book Review: Jews in Italy under Fascist and Nazi Rule,     Jewish Wedding Traditions: the Sheva Brachot Custom,     Spirituality, Belief and Celebration,     Sin, what and why,     Rediscovering the beauty and the Love of the Land of Israel,     Samson's Walls, an excerpt from a new book on Samson,     The Jewish Search for Meaning Started with Abraham,     Following Joseph Home,     The Chosen People Choose,     and     The Metaphorphoses of Rabbi Moskowitz - a Jewish story,    

February 2010 Purim
Concise Guide to Purim,   A True but Hilarious Story of a Purim Pageant,   Purim isn't Purim with out Jewish Jokes and Humor,   Making Wine in Israel,   Esther from Bialstok - Storys from the Past, Pictures from the Grave Stones,   Purim:   Purim; Happiness & Success,   How The Four Mitzvot of Purim Emphasize Jewish Togetherness,   Purim & Being Happy the Whole Year,   Purim's Message For Us Today,   Purim, Adar & Happiness throughout the Year,   Comparing Purim Miracles to Passover Miracles,   Mishloach Manot - Jewish Trick or Treat,     Megilah:   The Megillah is in itself a Celebration,   the Secret of the Megilah,   the Megilat Esther,   Esther, How Could She Do It?,   Purim Recipes:   Hamantaschen Recipe and Purim History,   Hamatashen or Oznai Haman Recipe,   Purim Misc:   Purim Differences: In and Out of Walled Cities,   Purim How You've Changed,   Purim & Chanukah Similarities and Differences,   Drinking:   Drinking and Celebrating Purim - Ad d'lo Yada,   Drinking on Purim,   Drinking, Religion and Purim,   Purim History:   The History of Purim,   Purim with Stalin,   Rembrandt and The Purim Story,   The Gragger, Purim and Amalek,   One Purim; Two Hamans and Czar Nicholas I ,   Going Back to the Original Purim to Shushan and Mordechai,   Purim, Haman, Hitler, and the Arabs,   Month of Adar:   The Month of Adar, Purim, Miracles, Happiness, and Passover,   Adar and the Signs of the Zodiac,   The Half Shekel and the Month of Adar,   Purim Stories and Poems:   A Purim Story about a Gift,   No One Can Talk to the Birds - Story for Purim,   the Story of Esther,   Rediscovering Purim - A Bronx Tale ,   Finding Faith and Trust in the Masks of Purim,   Purim - Not Your Neighbor's Halloween,   Purim in Music,  

January 2010  
Jewish Kabalistic Horoscope for 2010,   Customs and Traditions for the Bride and Groom on the Day of the Wedding,   Life of a Jew in Prison during the Jewish Holidays,   I am Daniel Deronda,   Coming of Age in Skokie, the Bar Mitzvah Rite,   Covering the Mirror in the House of Mourning,   Jewish Magazine Joke and Humor Page,   Pleasure and the Next World,   Defining the Essence of Judaism,   The Entrance to Hell as Defined by the Talmud,   Jewish Humor: How Lawyers came to be,   Once in a New Moon,   The Sabbath, the most precious of times,   Getting Jewish Education off Life Support,   Tombstones from European Cemeteries tell stories of Jewish Martyrs,   A Refugee Life: Shanghai 1939-1949,   Holocaust survivor Kitty Williams tells her story,   Visiting Dachau, memories from the Holocaust,   East European Murder of Jews,   Remembering World War II from England,   Beyond the Kinder Transport,   Personal Tales from the Krakow Ghetto,   the Exodus: the Ship that Launched a Nation,   a Story of a Menorah in Berlin,   Teachings from the central point of Kaballah,   As guest of honour,   The Three Coffins,   and The Broken Vav,  

December 2009 All Chanukah Magazine
?All About Chanuka,     ?Quick Chanukah Guide to Lighting the Menorah,     ?Chanukah can be a Difficult Time for Victims of Incest, Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse,     ?the Fourth Chanukah Candle,     ?Chanuka Memories,     ?What is the Essence of Hannuka?,     ?The Greeks made three decrees against the Jews: the brit (circumcision), Shabbat observance, and the New Moon.,     ?Mystical Explanation of the Chanukah Lights,     ?Chanukah - When is it Neccessary to Fight?,     ?The Inner Secrets of Lighting the Chanukah Menorah from the Talmud,     ?Chanukah Poem,     ?A Hanukkah Prayer,     ?Lighting the Chanukah Menorah Outside the House,     ?The Menorah,     ?Chanukah and Shabbat Candle Lighting,     ?Chanuka in Shetland,     ?The Mystical Understanding of Chanukah,     ?Chanukah - Roadmap to Successful Jewish Education,     ?Chanukah and International Pressure,     ?Chanukah and Hope,     ?Chanukah, the Academies of Hillel & Shamai,     ?What Was the Miracle in the Oil?,     ?Hanukah; the Real Story,     ?What are Jews Celebrating on Chanukah?,     ?Potato Latke Recipe,     ?Chanukah Recipe,     ?Potato Pancake (Latkes) Recipe,     ?Chanuka Latkes,     ?Mazel Tov & Opa! The Hellenized Latke,     ?and even More Recipes...,     ?Chanukah Jokes and Hanuka Humor,     ?Is it spelled Chanuka or Hanuka, or maybe Chanukkah or maybe Hanukkah or maybe... ?a Humorous Story about Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Kravitz and Chanukah,     ?Could Santa Bring a Hanukka Present?,     ?the Pseudo Chanukah Fairy,     ?The Dreidel Song Revised,     ?A Brief History of Chanukah Lights, Tongue in Cheek,     ?Reflecting on Chanukah,     ?Chanuka's Mystical Ecstasy,     ?Chanukah's Message to Us,     ?The Menorah and the Mezuzah ,     ?Purim & Chanukah Similarities and Differences,     ?Chanukah A Time of Inspiration,     ?Hanukkah's Spiritual Lights,     ?Menorah Shopping in Texas,     ?Reflections on Chanukah & Christmas,     ?Hanukkah's Spiritual Lights,     ?Chanukah Miracle,     ?Ancient Dreams & Renewal of Hope,     ?Chanukah - Then & Now,     ?the Driedel,     ?Playing Dreidel,     ?A New Spin On The Dreidel ,     ?The Silver Menorah,     ?The Story of Hanukah,     ?The Kabbalistic Chanukkah Lights,     ?Hanukah Every Day,     ?Chanukah Menorah & Mezzuah,     ?Hanukkah's Candlelight vrs. Sunlight,     ?Chanukah & the Third Temple,     ?Chanukkah in the Most Elegant Fashion,     ?Chanukah and the Holocaust,     ?Lighting Up Right,     ?the Spiritual Dimension of Chanukkah,     ?History of Chanuka,     ?Chanukah Lights Ablaze Amongst Backpackers,     ?the Ultimate Triumph,    

November 2009  
?Arabs Speaking out against Anti-Semitism: A Risky Business,   ?Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution,   ?Adam and the Darkness,   ?Emails concerning the Creation ,   ?"I am Joshua, Defender of Israel!",   ?Holocaust Memory: Not Acting Like an 87-Year-Old,   ?Mostly Humor,   ?A Stranger in Paris,   ?Help Wanted: Getting Jewish Education off Life Support,   ?First Aid for Jewish Marriages,   ?Jews in Prison,   ?The Ottoman Jewish Community of Sudan,   ?The Kids are Coming!,   ?General Marie-Pierre Koenig and the Jewish Brigade,   ?Life Just Ain't Fair,   ?What is the next world worth?,   ?Noah, from a truly righteous man to a drunk,   ?Uriah the Hittite,   ?The Rambam on Health,   ?Move Over Sandy Koufax,   ?The Seasons of Life,   ?The Widower,   Agnon House,   Why did God bother asking?,  and   Rare pictures from a Jewish Postcard collection,  

Sept.-Oct. 2009   High Holidays
?Quick Guide for the Jewish Month of Tishre 5770,,   ?Concerning Rosh Hashanah: When was the world really created?,   ?Being on Rosh HaShanah,   ?By-pass heart surgery was scheduled a week before Rosh Hashanah,   ?Humor for Yom Kippur,   ?Rosh Hashanah Guide,   ?Songs for the Jewish Holy Days and free MP3,   ?Have a Sweet Year with Chocolate,   ?This Rosh Hashanah, Be Safe and Go to Shul!,   ?Soccer Moms: A Story for the Holy Days,   ?A Yom Kippur Poem: "God of My Father",   ?Yom Kippur under my Father's Tallit,  and ?A Yom Kippur Baseball Story,   ?also make certain to see our gigantic High Holiday issue by clicking here!

August 2009  
?? Jewish Astrological Horoscope for 5770?,   ?? Stories from my father: A Boy in the Jewish Underground in British Mandate ?Palestine,   ?? Elul, the Month of Mystery, unfortunately...?,   ?? The Sounds of Elul: Shofar Blasts & School Bells ?,   ?? A Personal Glimpse of Jewish Life in Central Europe at the Turn of the Century,   ?? Understanding Eichmann and the mentality of the Nazis,   ?? A Holocaust Survivor describes life at the Stutthof Concentration Camp,   ?? Living in the West Bank - Is He a Jew or Israeli??,   ?? The Jewish Experience in the American Army,   ?? If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem.?,   ?? After the 1967 War: A Hands-on Jewish Experience,   ?? Sephardic Jews in America: A Diasporic History,   ?? Visiting Israel: Givat Ha'Tormossim,   ?? Mourning and Moaning: Reflections on Aliyah,   ?? Two Happiest Days for Jews are the Fifteenth of Av and Yom Kippur ,   ? ?? Remembering: Rationing in Britain during the Second World War,   ?? Sacrifices in the Temple and giving Charity ?,   ?? Symbolic Sounds of the Shofar,   ?? The relationship between the Mormons and the Jews in Utah,   ?? Taking a fresh look at the Middle East options,   ?? Is the Golus a integral part of a Jew??,   ?? Pomegranate Mystery,   ? Humor or Humour: But is it Funny??,   ?? Is There a Blessing for a Computer??,   ?? Psalm 98: Let New Songs Arise,   ?? A Domain Named Heaven,   and ?? Chesed: a Jewish Story of Reconciliation

July 2009  
Fast Days, what for?,   A Holocaust Survivor recalls his life,   Tisha B'Av, Who Needs It?,   The Fourth Shabbat Meal; its source and purpose,   The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the causes of the Holocaust,   Let the Jews Have the Same Freedom to live where they Choose as the American Blacks today enjoy The Fall of Beitar and the begining of the Jewish exile,   Book Review: Our Shared Heritage: What it means to be Jewish,   Poems from the Jewish Heart,   What Is Wrong With Astrology?,   Ideologic Hypocrisy,   Alienu - the history of a prayer,   Tisha B'Av experience in Jerusalem,   A Jewish Story takes us back to the Temple service in Jerusalem ,   Can the Secret of Tisha B'av be for Real?,   The Bar Mitzvah Ordeal,   Adon Olam is both a poem and a prayer,   Humor Page,   The Two Types of Survivors,   Both Netanyahu and Obama were Boy Scouts, do they maintain Scout's honor?,   A Jewish Story about a Rabbi facing losing his minyan,   and   The night before a Bris is called Leil Shimurim - a Story,  

June 2009  
Equal Rights for Muggers, Robbers and Homosexuals,   The Little Known Story of a Reverend John Stanley Grauel who helped make Israel Possible,   Shakespeare's Shylock: Why is the Merchant of Venice" called Shakespeare's anti-Semitic play?,   What does Belief in God mean? - Developing Trust in God,   Who Is Wise? Ben Zoma speaks from the Ethics of the Fathers,   An Amazing Account of the Refugees and Rescue durring WWII from the Diaries and Papers of James G. McDonald, 1935-1945,   Perspective on Marriage - What is Between Husband and Wife,   Fine Tuning Your Sabbath Experience,   Banning Jew Haters In Canada. A Knight in Shining Armour or a Trojan Horse?,   Interview with Dr. Sami Alrabaa - On the threshold of a Fiasco,   Saying Farewell to the Shabbat Queen - The Havdalah Ceremony,   God of All Creatures - Remembering Father,   The American Jew: The Future of an Illusion,   The Messenger - A Story: Now Just Who was He? ,   Poems from the Heart enter the Heart,   Only Good News from Israel,   Laughter is as healthy as Chicken Soup,   European Discovery of Egypt,   and   The Golem of Auschwitz - A Fictional Story,  

May 2009  
What was it like at Mount Sinai when the Torah was Given? ,   What was the Controversy Surrounding Counting the Omer? ,   Lag B'Omer: Thinking about Respect,   Historical Perspective of Herzl, Dreyfus and the Zionist Movement,   Lecha Dodi and the Songs of the Shabbat Sanctity - Hear Lecha Dodi mp3,   The Blessings after Bread By Blessing God, Blessings Come to Man,   The True Case of Alfred Nossig, Jewish intellectual, Jewish leader, Jewish traitor,   Hector Nunes, True story of a secret Crypto-Jew who provided intelligence data on Spanish activities to Queen Elizabeth I,   True Story: From the Holocaust to Kentucky,   Horoscope for Israel Independence Day 2009,   What was the Relationship between the Pope, the Vatican and the Nazis? ,   A Tour to "Jewish" Jordan,   Yom Ha-Shoah in Boynton Beach, A Story from the Holocaust,   Find Your Mate; avoid the duds,   Humor Page Laughter is as healthy as Chicken Soup,   A Way Back Home, A Story of a Family's Roots,   A True Story of a Texas Schindler who Saved Jewish lifes,   How People Respond in Emergencies,   Was Does Holiness Mean and What Does it Enable? ,   Poem - God's Help Through Out the Generations,  and A Jewish Story about a Magical Magician,  

April 2009   Passover
A Brief Guide to the Seder with some Short Explanations,   The Real Meaning of All Jewish Holidays,   Experiencing Slavery in Egypt,   Adir Hu: Its Meaning and Melody and Download a free MP3,   Passover: What's the Most Important Thing?,   Matzo Brie: Theory and Recipe,   Passover, a time of hope,   Connecting Passover and the Recession,   If It's Passover, I must be another Year Older,   The night of Pesach - a Passover Poem,   Love in the Canonical Literature,   Books, and no books - a Story,   The Principal of Rivington Street - A Jewish Story,   Blessing on the Sun: Once every Twenty Eight Years,   Hebrew Festival Marred - (Blessing on Sun) From the New York Times, April 8, 1897,   Blessing the Sun and the Redemption of Creation,   The Character of Rabbi Eliezer - An Interesting Lesson from the Talmud,   Joseph Caro, His Books Influence our Lives,   Humor Page - Even with Passover, We snatch a few extra laughs,   Can you Carry that which Cannot be Carried?,   The Furher's Story - Doing Business with a Nazi,   A Demon in Galicia, Its Exorcism, and What Happened After,   Abraham Lincoln and the Jewish Laws of War,   A Jewish Girl Growing up in Castro's Cuba,   Psalm 39,   and   A personal visit with Gilad Shalit's family

March 2009   PURIM
Drinking and Celebrating Purim - Ad d'lo Yada,   Basic Guide for Celebrating Purim,   President Lincoln, General Grant and the Jews,   Going Back to the Original Purim to Shushan and Mordechai,   No One Can Talk to the Birds - Story for Purim,   A Jewish Girl comes of Age and leaves the Yankees behind her,   Yiskor for Ruchela,   Stress and Anxiety Study - free on-line treatment to Jews,   Emotions and Devotion in Synagogue Song,   Separation in Together, a Poem,   In Strange Ways - a Story,   Under the Wedding Canopy - a Historical Perspective,   Grandma's Love and a Kreplach recipe,   Canada's own 'Mashuginah Goy',   Humor Page,   The Expulsion from Gush Katif - Book Review,   Mendel the Chassid and Norman and the Dog,   Maintaining Good Relationships even amidst Arguments,   The Wisdom of Shlomo, the Barber that is... Understanding the Arab Mind,   The Children's Hour in Gaza,   The Accidental Congregation,   and The Wisdom of the Hebrew Language,  

February 2009
"Murder Inc.", Balad, the Israel Supreme Court and Meyer Lansky,   Is Yours one of the Great Marriages?,   Customs from the Wedding Chupah ,   Hypocrisy in Europe Surfaces During Gaza War,   What is the Difference between a Bracha and a Blessing?,   Make 2009 A Year of Simple Pleasures,   Dreams, a Jewish Story,   Making a Minyan on the Cruise,   My Uncle Milton discovered the Bullah when he was four years old.,   The Importance of the Shabbat Songs,   Jewish Food and their Problems,   Psalm 92,   Two Jewish Poems,   The Hebrew quarterback who changed football forever,   Tu BeShevat and the Message from the Trees,   Tu B'Shvat - A Time for Hidden Beginnings ,   Israel: The Separation Fence,   Humor Page,   Mysticism, Sepherot and Kingship,   How a Holocaust Survivor was Caught "Fabricating",   Obstacles to Peace in Middle East,   What the Gaza Strip could have been,   and,   From the Boynton Beach Chronicles

January 2009
Jewish Meditation, is it the unknown mitzvah?,   What do you know about the Expulsion of the Jews from England?,   My Socialist Bar Mitzvah,   The Guy with the Skirt,   General George Patton knew how to fight a war,   Jewish Ethics in War,   The Zohar on Aaron the Priest,   Small Wineries in Israel,   We Won,   Music of the Jews,   Sarona the Kirya in Tel Aviv was founded by the Templars - History,   Anger and G-d's Providence,   God of the Yankees,   Humor Page,   Six Remembrances,   Living (semi) retired in Boynton Beach,   Jewish Health Issues,   Psalm 96,   Dancing between Beasts and Angels,   No Returns a Jewish Story,   and Two Jewish Poems

December 2008 Chanukah
Jewish Horoscope for 2009,   What is the Essence of Hannuka? ,   The Greeks made three decrees against the Jews: the brit (circumcision), Shabbat observance, and the New Moon. ,   Chanukah Guide A Simple Guide to Observing Hanukkah,   The Elah Fortress Uncovered Ancient Jewish City unearthed in Elah Valley ,   Mystical Explanation of the Chanukah Lights ,   a Humorous Story about Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Kravitz and Chanukah ,   Potato Latke Recipe ,   The Great Grandson of Kaiser Wilheim II Come to Jerusalem ,   The Laughing Clarinet,   Rebecca Eden, World War II nurse,   Honoring Those Who Refused to Remain Silent,   Did a kindness to Hermann Goering help a family escape the holocaust?,   You can enhance your life by employing a bit of Hesitiation, how? Read on...,   My Ancestors Were From the Promised Land,   Shabbat at Chabad Mumbai,   First Hand Account of Israel's Independence, 1948,   Mendel the Chassid moves to Boynton Beach,   Jewish Guide to Celebrating the Non-Jewish New Year,   From the Spanish History of Jewish Conversos to Catholicism,   Humor PageA Tiny Bit of Humor Lights Up a Face,   Borsht and Russian Literature,   Rugalach Recipe and Story: Miracle #34,   Getting Ready for a New Year?,   Hate Censorship or Jewish Freedom of Speech?,   James Bond, Jabotinsky and the Holocaust,   Lillian Loewe, 1914,   If I forget thee... Why I am an Israeli,   A Fascinating Story of Saadia Gelb from Galicia to America to Kfar Blum, Israel,   and   The Shabbat Challah Gave Me Strength

November 2008
Album of the Damned, Unusual and Rare Snapshots from the Third Reich,   Going into the Winter with Succoth, Shavuot, and Passover,   Cotopaxi, The Failed Jewish Farming Experiment in America,   Choni HaMa'agal, The Famous Story of the Circle on the Ground,   Wooden Tombstones from Old Jewish Cemeteries in Eastern Europe,   Letting Go,   My Trusted Teacher, Mr. Fischer, Personal Holocaust Experience ,   The Riegner Telegram, Could it have Stopped the Holocaust?,   Frozen in Time, Going Back to my Father's Shtetl, Rokiskis,   The Tears of Yefimovich, Living Through Stalin's Communist Paradise,   How to Get the World To Hate Israel,   The Messianic era is likened to a Woman in the throes of Childbirth,   The Kings of the Jews,   Baseball in Israel,   A Time to Make Up for what is Lacking in Israel,   An Unbelievable Tour of Israeli Artifacts at the Israeli Museum,   An American Soldier in Israel's War of Independence,   What a joy it is to bless, and to be blessed,   Humor Page,   Tribute to a giant of Revisionist Zionism,   Bircza, Poland - Jewish Roots,   The Hand of Divine Justice,   Jewish Questions: Responsa on Sephardic Life in the Early Modern Period,   Names are important in Boynton Beach,   The Greed, a Story,   A Poem about Nathan the Prophet and King David,   and Israel, God and a Dream Returned,  

Sept - Oct 2008 High Holidays
Horoscope for the New Year 5769,   How did God Create the World?,   The Jewish Month of Elul and Rosh Hashanah,   Asser Levy, the First Jewish Police Officer in North America,   Rosh Hashanah: Is your Spiritual Portfolio in Balance?,   The Missing Shofar A Story ,   Protecting Family Values,   A Professor Retires,   God's Sukkah is Safe,   Divide Jerusalem?,   The Woman I See at the Mikvah,   The Jews of Weequahic,   Three Days by the Dead Sea,   Yom Kippur is about being Human,   Film Review: Refusenik,   First Israeli Flying Ace, George Ernest Goodman,   Yom Kippur and Free Choice,   Humor Page,   Pincus, the Shamus Jewish Detective Story,   The Holocaust Music Miracle,   Where Was God? Holocaust Poem,   Leon Greenman (Holocaust survivor # 98288),   What Happens to Jewish Child who is Expelled from Jewish School?,   Two Jewish Poems,   Psalm 95,   The Cycle of Life,   God, God, twice on Elul,  

July - August 2008
Pidyon Haben - the Rare Mitzvah,   Selecting a Mate,   What is New in Jerusalem: The Harp or the Finger?,   Customs of the Seventeenth of Tamuz,   Tisha B'Av - the Day in Tradition,   Tisha B' Av and Reflections on the Meaning of Baseless Hatred ,   Moses and Joshua - Two Levels of Humility,   The Sabbatical Year Today in Israel,   Just a Box in the Basement,   Tweaking Baby Abigail's Nose,   Music in the Holy Temple,   Tisha B' Av and Reflections on the Meaning of Baseless Hatred,   Isaac Leslie Hore-Belisha, Jewish British Secretary of State for War,   Genealogy and the Holocaust - The Other Raphael,   Genealogy Turns Up Jewish Roots,   Comforting the Poor,   Humor Page,   the Ottoman Empire, a Book Review,   The Jewish Dog in Boynton Beach,   Israel's Vitality,   Sound Effects: Jewish Stories in Hawaii,  and Psalm 86,  

June 2008
Jewish Sexual Customs - A Brief Guide to Family Purity,   Judaism's Positive Approach to Converts,   Ruth, the Perfect Convert,   Mount Sinai was all in Smoke - The Torah was Revealed,   Our Life Stands on Three Things, What are They? ,   The Soul and its Purpose in this World,   The Tosphos, the Grandchildren of Rashi,   The Power of Self-Acceptance,   A Jerk or in the Image of God? ,   My Mother's Song,   Psalm 144 Praise to him, the Lord my Rock,   A Tale of Two Sergeants, Sam Dreben, American Soldier and Jewish Hero,   The Holocaust and Toy Electric Trains,   The Golem and its History,   History of a Tragedy: The Expulsion of the Jews from Spain,   Humor Page,   Herzl Day - Did You Ever Hear of it? ,   A personal view of Israel on her 60th anniversary,   The Speech that Olmert Should Have Made,   Hamas and the Lesson of Prussia,  and   Refuting the Arab Power Speakers,  

May 2008
Astrological Forecast for Israel on its 60th Birthday,   Jews in the Confederate Army,   Rabbi Akiva and Lag B'Omer,   The Second Passover, an Ancient Holiday,   To be a free people in our land,   Jerusalem is One,   Six Million Drops of Blood from the Holocaust,   Israel and Humanitarian Respect,   Jews of India,   We Plan, God Laughs,   The Last Jews on Irvington Avenue,   Developments in Technology in Jewish Schools in Eastern Europe,   Caleb - I Stood Apart,   A Tribute to the Holocaust Victims A Poem,   Jewish Aviators, Charles Levine and Arthur Welsh,   Flashback to 1948 at the Begining of Statehood,   What is the Omer? ,   Why is the Traditional Liberal Jew becoming Conservative?,   Humor Page ,   What is the Connection between Kosher Animals and Kosher People?,   The Clothing of the Priests in the Temple,   Happiness in Daily Life,   Book Review: Greece: A Jewish History,   The Choir in Jewish History,   A Brief History of Bikur Holim Hospital,  and   Philo-Semites, the Laws of Kashrut, and the Folks in My Condo's Swimming Pool

April 2008 Passover Special
Passover Guide for 2008, What to do when the Shabbat precedes Passover,   The Golem of Prague and the Passover Connection,   A Passover Haggadah Free Online Download,   What can we learn from Chametz and Passover?,   Matzah, Its Story and Ours,   Sephardic Traditions at the Passover Seder,   Passover Matzah Ball Recipes,   The Festive Meal, A Story About divorce, food, family, death, Judaism,   The Seder According to Shakespeare,   Gabriel, Age Two, Opens the Door for Elijah, A Passover Poem,   The True Story of the Last in Herzl's Family,   Jews Fighting For Their Country,   Book Review: New Mexico's Crypto-Jews: Image & Memory,   Humor Page,   The Menorah, the Swastika, and You Tube,   Ethics of the Fathers, Chassidic Thought, and . Super Bowl XLII,   Saying kaddish on the road was always a challenge,   The Kippa in History and Tradition,   Jezebel - She Led a Nation,   A Hike to Another World,   and   Suicide Bomber A Poem,  

Feb-March 2008 Purim Special
A Brief Guide for Purim Observance,   Adar and the Signs of the Zodiac,   Rembrandt and The Purim Story,   The Gragger, Purim and Amalek,   The Half Shekel and the Month of Adar,   Hamantaschen Recipe and Purim History,   Jewish Leap Years, Adar II, and Joy,   Purim in Music,   A Purim Story ,   Purim - Not Your Neighbor's Halloween,   Educating Chilren in Giving and Charity,   The Wei Pei Chinese Restaurant,   A Jew is a Jew is a Jew,   My Personal Lesson from General Patton,   Deborah, the Prophetess,   The Tabernacle in the World of Hasidic Mysticism,   Humor Page,   Making Kiddush on Friday Night - a Brief Guide,   The Hungarian Holocaust,   Mother in the French Resistance Maquis,   The Jews in Hungary under Communist Rule,   Under Father's Tent, Still and Always,   She asked,"Are there many Jewish students at your school?",  and Is Peace with the Arabs Possible?,  

January 2008
Jewish Horoscope for 2008,   Tu B'Shvat: New Year for Trees ,   To Believe or not to Believe, that is the Question,   A Tale of How Frank Sinatra Saved the Jews,   By What do Women Earn a Place in the Next World? - from the Talmud,   A Kabbalistic Understanding of Good and Evil,   Even If We are Good, Why is There Punishment in the Next World? ,   When Cursing with the Mamalushen rises to Shakespearean heights,   Being Frank with Anne - A Poem,   Knowing made her strong - An Anne Frank Poem,   Shabbat and the Renewal of Time Psalm 148 - Praise God within the heav'ns above ,   America's New Super Weapon,   J'accuse - Was the Mohammad al Dura filming staged? ,   Kerem Avraham - A Small Piece of the History of Jerusalem,   The American War Congress (of 1918) and Zionism ,   A Jewess in Bahrain,   Whether You Say Humor or Humour, Its Still Good Humor.... ,   Morrie and Zelda,   Does Wealth Mean Wisdom? - a Parable ,   Arab Israel Conflict - Back to Basics,   Journey Back to My Grandmother's Russia,   Remembering the Jewish Boy in Ireland,   and   Crystal Night ,  

December 2007 Chanukah
Chanukah Guide,    Chanukah - When is it Neccessary to Fight?    She was a Jew in the Holocaust,    Kabbala Primer,    The Inner Secrets of Lighting the Chanukah Menorah,    A Brief History of Iran's Jews,    Seeing the Jewish Side of Buenos Aires,    Wheels of Love from Tiberia to Jerusalem,    How to make a Successful Aliyah to Israel,    Touring the Central Zionist Archives,    Erica - Holocaust Survivor's Tale,    Holocaust Memory in Post-Apartheid South Africa,    Remembering... If not for the Shabbos clock, they could have been mine,    Humor, Its Good to Smile....    Chanukah Poem,    A Hanukkah Prayer,    Creampuffs and Other Diet Foods,    Chanukah is Chinuch, ie Education,    Shakespeare and Anti-Semitism,    The Shemoneh Esreh Prayer,   and   Pothiphar and Joseph

November 2007
A Mystical Approach to Belief,   Dealing with Islamics and Arab Dictators,   Sexual Harassment in the Religious Community,   Jewish Life in Iran Today,   I Don't Know, Therefore I Am,   Dodging Rocks in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict,   The Bronx Deli,   Life in Israel - Returning the Gas Masks,   The Oy's of Jewish Motherhood,   A Story of Birth and Circumcision,   Remembering Little Marvin and the Banana,   Alfie's Bark Mitzvah,   The Silence of Modern Hebrew Poet Avraham Ben Yitzhak,   Genesis in Humor Mode,   Richard Gottheil - the Reluctant American Zionism,   Leon Trotsky and the Jews,   Wiesel, Levinas and Chouchani,   Humor Page,   Chopped Chicken Liver Recipe,   Noah and Truly Righteous Tzadiks,   Saying Hallel,   The Locket,   My Jewish Florida,   The Jew and G-d,   The Bristol Bagel Ballad,   Hagar - The God Who Sees Me,   and   His first born beloved son, hand in hand  

September - October 2007 High Holiday Double Issue
G-d Did NOT Create the World on Rosh HaShannah,   Guide for the Jewish Month of Tishre 5768,   Rosh HaShannah, Yom Kippur, and Succot,   Rosh Hashannah - New Choices, New Hope,   T'shuva and the Baal Teshuva - are they related?,   Selichot, Preparing for the Holidays,   It's Not Enough to Say "I'm Sorry" - On Yom Kippur,   Horoscope for New Jewish Year 5768,   Yom Kippur Kol Nidre Prayer with MP3,   Tashlich in the River Dulce,   The Polymorphic Pluralistic Succah,   Maimonides, God and Creation,   Yiddish Theater, France and the Holocaust,   Dumbing Down Judaism,   Be Thankful for What You Have!   A Jewish Story - Kol Nidre Vows,   What is American Zionism?,   Why are Jews so Smart?,   A Garden in Yitzhar,   "Mishpucha",   Holocaust Memories from Dachau, Auschwitz, Birkenau,   Back in a Time Machine - Would Israel Exist?   The Destruction of Libraries in History,   Jewish Story for Rosh HaShannah,   The Day I Learned About "Tzedaka",   The Twin Towers, a Memoir,   A Jewish Love Story,   Meeting the Rebbe - A Jewish Story,   The Land of Our Dreams,   Psalm 138,   Snapshots from France,   Adjusting to New Family Holiday Customs,   and Humor Page,  

August 2007
Elul, Month of Opportunity,     Arguments and Peace - from the Talmud,     Yartziet Observances,     Chicken Fat - The Taste of Yesteryear,     The Blessing of the Jewish Priest,     The Nazi connection to Islamic Terrorism,     Nutshell History of Marranos of Portugal,     Gerard Frydman, his Life in the Yiddish Theater in Paris during the Holocaust,     Geneology: The Journey From Mogilev (Belarus), To U.S.,     Celebrating the Goodness of Giving,     Living in Spite of the Nazis,     Tel Aviv's First Walkman and the Lechi,     A Time to Say Goodbye,     Avraham, Abraham, and Me ,     Humor Page, It Only Hurts When I Laugh....,     A Jewish Story - Naples and the Holocaust,     Tallit,     Emily Wasserman - the Youngest Volunteer,     The Young Clowns Volunteer in Israeli Hospitals,     Dystonia and the Jewish Girl,     Celia's Journey Home,     O P E R A - A Powerful Jewish Poem,     Family at War and Gran,   and   Two Poems,

July 2007
Nine Days and the Three Weeks,     Fast Days,     Hebron 1929: The Untold Story,     Foods for Fasts,     The Zaftig Diet,     Holocaust Deniers and their Motivation,     Israel Insecurity,     Why Does Israel Always Come Out as the Loser?,     Going Home - A Jewess From China ,     Annals of a Traveler: Herzl Museum,     Shakespearean Prayer,     An Approach to the Morning Prayers,     Why Are Jews So Smart?,     Searching for Stanley Stein - A Jew in the American Leper Colony,     How to Bring the Redemption,     Humor Page,     The Big Bang,     Sidney Selig - From Nazi Germany to Israel via America,     Hatred kills More People than Cancer,     Holishkes,     Humor on the Parasha - Why Aaron didn't Die,     Psalm 124,   and   Jewish Free Loan Society,    

June 2007
Marriage and Pre-Nuptial Agreements,     The Golem - Fact or Fiction?,     A Mystical Primer The Light and the Vessels,     Something happened when I was in the Israeli army,     The Lewisburg Prison United Jewish Appeal,     Leprosy, the Jew and the World,     Moses and the Camel Squad,     Three Poems,     Psalm 146,     The Fox and the Walrus,     Oy Vey Jewish Cartoons,     Photos From the Holocaust on Internet Sales,     Does God Exist?,     Humor Page,     Plea to Restore Ancient Synagogue in Vidin, Bulgaria,     the Zohar on the Synagogue,     The Band that Changed Jewish Music,     'Do Not Forget the Lord Your God',     Preserving Memories of Mother,     Lighting Up A Nation,   and   A Woman of Valor,    

April/May 2007 Shavout
The Mystical Secrets of the Star of David,     Living Through the Holocaust The Heumann Struggle,     Shavuot - Going From the 7 Mitzvot of the Children of Noah to the 613 Mitzvot of the Torah,     Counting the Omer - A Mystical Tikun,     Living Waters - First Time in a Mikva,     Reflections and Recommendations on Mourning and Condolence,     Coping with Dementia,     A Muslim Speaks out on Islamic Terror Organizations,     Newark - This City is Just Memories,     Jewish Lineal History Time Line,     Scandal in UNRWA: the welfare state of "Palestine",     Lag B'Omer and Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai ,     How the Portuguese Secret Jews (Marranos) Saved England,     Some Splendid and Eye Catching Jewish and Israeli Graphics,     Humor Page - Caution: Humor is Contagious,     Joy and Spirituality,     Relating - How to Get You Life into Perspective,     Escorting the Dead & Closing the Grave,     The Quiet Game - A Story out of the Holocaust,     Psalm 139,     Meat Meat - The Story of non Kosher Meat in America,     Continuing The Walk Through Generations,   and   My People in the Chosen Promised Land,

March/April 2007 Passover
To Lean or Not to Lean at the Seder, that is the Question,     Jewish Meditation on Passover,     Dogs and Frogs for Passover,     Passover Horseradish Recipe,     Passover, Time for Escaping Personal Modern-Day Slavery,     Humorous Two-Minute Haggadah,     Passover: Freedom and Speech Pesach = Peh (mouth) + Sach (speaks),     A Passover Thought alter history,     Passover Preparation,     The Shabbat Table,     Sammy's Problem A Story for Passover,     Jews in the Confederate Army,     Good Health: L'Chaim,     Humor Page Passover Ain't the Easiest, Need to Smile?,     Where Evil Lurks Eichmann & Hoess,     Joachim Gans, first Jew in America,     No Other God,     I Know I'm Jewish,     Don't Worry, Be Jewish,     Project of Hope,     Mr Goldstein was tired of being a Jew,     A Cheder Tale,     Which is Man, Which is Soul?,   and   Question of the Month: Cremation

February 2007 Purim
The Month of Adar, Purim, Miracles, Happiness, and Passover,     Ahmadinejad's un-holy war Ahmadinejad, the Trainer of Youthful Basij Martyrs Believes in Death,     Brief guide to the basics of Purim,     Hamatashen or Oznai Haman Recipe,     Wisdom from the Bat Cave - Be a Modern Day Hero: How to Triumph over Adversity,     Finding Faith and Trust in the Masks of Purim,     How The Four Mitzvot of Purim Emphasize Jewish Togetherness,     Rabbi Narrishkeit and the Trefah Kitty,     How to Determine if Your Favorite Charity is Milking You,     The Megillah is in itself a Celebration,     Pvt. Benjamin B. Levy, Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War,     Ezra's Temple, Herod's Temple and Ezekiel's vision of the Third Temple,     Humor Page,     A Brazilian Jewish Childhood,     Etiquette Guide for a Jewish Simcha,     The New Moon, Women, and the Golden Calf According to Mystical Thought,     Jewish Meditation - Spirituality, Kabala, Chassidut, and Mysticism,     Boca Tale,     Jewish History on Jamaica,   and   Cartoon - Giving a Bit of Help, Arab Style,    

January 2007
The Soul and Its Purpose in this World,   Jewish Astrological Horoscope Forecast for 2007 based on Kabbalah,   Kaballah and Chassidut and the Two kinds of Souls,   The Torah Cantilation and Downloadable Sound Files,   A Humorous Tale of the legendary Rabbi Narrishkeit,   Actuate Your Belief In God -a Parable,   As the Jew watches over the Shabbat so the Shabbat watches over the Jew,   A True Story about a Skullcap and Instructions How to Knit a Kippa,   Learning to Breathe Easier in a World of Young Children,   Psalm 46,   At the Close of a Day, Comes Shabbat,   Must One Pay to Pray?,   The Swiss Treaty and the Washington Hebrew Congregation,   Jews and anti-Semitism in the American Civil War,   Humor Page,   The Unknown Parts of the Hebrew University,   Iran's Holocaust Conference and Ahmadinejad,   Cartoon - Arab Terrorism Reaches New Depths,   A Story of Kabbala,   Yizhar Smilansky, a Tribute,  and   Breaking Through to Rebelious Teenagers,  

December 2006 Chanukah
Lighting the Chanukah Menorah Outside the House,   The Menorah,   Chanukah and Shabbat Candle Lighting,   Chanuka in Shetland,   Guide to Lighting Up Right,   Chanukah, Tongue in Cheek,   Separating Sexuality from Business,   Shivah Etiquette: Guide to Comforting the Mourner,   Yiddish Trivia Quiz,   Theodor Herzl's Children,   Visting Tel Shilo that Hosted the Ark of God for 369 Years,   My Reincarnation from Auschwitz,   Holocaust Numbers and Misrepresenting History,   Psalm 122,   Solomon the Accountant,   Holocaust Mentality,   Visiting the Menachem Begin Heritage Center,   Arguing and Respect, Jewish Style,   The Garden of Ruth,  and   Humor Page, of course, off course,  

November 2006
Deadwood City, South Dakota and the Jews of the Old West,   Moshe Katzav and Stupidity,   Test Your Yiddish Skills,   The Get,   The Shalom Zachor,   In the Beginning.,   An Urgent Plea,   Lebanon - While We Were Sleeping,   Where is our Documentary?,   Humor Page,   My Gentile TiVo,   Bat Mitzvah at Masada,   Why Two Days of Yom Tov?,   Check Up on Yourself,   Why Would Someone Sin?,   Psalm 147,  and   Two Short Poems by Two Jewish Poets,  

October 2006 Yom Kippur, Succot & Simchat Torah
Atonement and the Day of Atonement,   Moshe Feiglin, A Different Type of Politician,   The Pope and the Poop,   Enhancing Sprituality with the Succah,   Photo Pictorial: Old Windows of Old Jerusalem,   Simchat Torah - What is in a Name?,   How to Achieve Happiness on Simchat Torah (even if you are depressed),   Why Jewish Speech and Hate Censorship Do Not Mix,   Exploring Jewish Identities and Heritages,   Coming to America,   Humor Page,   Contemplations for Rosh HaShannah, Yom Kippur and Life,   What Do the Stars Tell Us About the New Jewish Year?,   Single Girls Guide to Finding a Great Guy,   Admiral Rodney and the Jews of St. Eustatius,   Did We Win or Lose the War?,   Rabbi Akiva and the Ten Martyrs,   The Succoth and Guests,   Psalm 98,  and From "holocaust" to "Holocaust" - what is in a word?

September 2006 Rosh HaShannah
In Ellul We Prepare for Rosh HaShannah,   Operation Magic Carpet,   Meet Your Royal Ancestors,   Elul: Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Near,   Cuban Jewish Community,   Knicknames and Cousins,   What is More Important, Unity or Mitzvot?,   The Great Rabbi Eliezer,   Living through the Katushas from Hezbollah,   Big Miracles and Small Miracles,   Drugs,Spirituality, and Jokes,   Humor Page,   Why are the British so anti-Israel?,   God Grants an Interview,   Psalm 32,   Will the Western World Win?,   A Prelude and Rhyme - Poems on Israel,   The Resurgence of Orwellian Ideals: Israel, Hisballah and Lebanon,   Israel at War Two Poems,   Mitzvoth Observance or Choice Observance?,   Let Rhetoric Reign: Israeli Arab Conflict,  

August 2006
The Fifteen of Av, the Happiest Time in Jewish Tradition,   Sneaking The Pink Bunny Past Israeli Customs,   The Light and Fire of the Baal Shem Tov,   Self Restraint can be Fatal,   Harnessing God's Help During Times of Need,   Entebbe: Thirty Years Later,   Fleeing Poland During Holocaust,   Bertha's Daughter - Kindness of Strangers to a New Immigrant,   Performing the Tahara before Burial,   Collecting Jewish Athletes,   Medical Rescue, 1943,   Why Not Relax the Rules for Converts? ,   Humor Page,   Undoing the Destruction of the Temple,   Jewish Museum in Finchley,   8th Century Jewish Learning Academies,   We Are the Candle that Lights the Eternal Flame,   Who Will Say Kaddish? ,   Miraculously, the Story Continues Tysmienica Family Tree,  

July 2006
Rope Walker,   The Seventeenth of Tamuz, Tisha B'av, and Mourning for the Temple,   Getting Close to the Edge: Liberalism and Lunacism,   A Tragic Kibbutz Memory from 1950 - Living and Dying near Gaza,   Second Generation Witness to the Holocaust,   A Lesson from the Talmud - Humility, the Lost Virture,   The Cruelest Man and Kindest Man, Adolf Eichmann and Raoul Wallenberg, Actually Met,   Must Personal Victory Be At Any Price? ,   From the Humble Eggplant - A Recipe - Call it Baba Gnoosh, Baba Ghannouj, or Baba Ghanouj or Just Plain Salad Chetzelem,   Visiting a Mourner,   Humor Page,   Driving Humbly - Praying and Impressing,   UK Teachers Union Against Israel,   Psalm 1 - A Blessing Marks the Man,   Exploring the Hidden Roots of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict,   A Perspective on the Failings of all Three Mainstream Jewish Movements,   Iran Threatens Israel with Destruction,   Humbly into the Night - A Poem,   Bush's Doctrine: Israel Here Today Gone Tomorrow,   Counting Up, Counting Down,  

June 2006
Shavuot, Completing the Transition from Passover to Shavuot,   Jerusalem's Defenders From the History of Gush Etzion,   Escape from Baghdad, Iraq 1948,   Achieving & Understanding What Holiness Is,   Jude, History of the Yellow Jewish Star,   Shame on Brandeis University Tony Kushner,   Diaspora Jews Answer Back Israelis,   Intermarriage and Jewish Survival,   Humor Page,   Oaxaca Not a Jew to be Found,   A Strong American Economy Means a Stong Israel,   Psalm 34,   The Light In My Zeide's Kitchen,   Jewish Attitude on Midwives,   The Jewish Moshiach,  and As the Holocaust Museum Opened,  

May 2006
Counting the Omer,   Reflections 58 years for the State of Israel,   Escape from Baghdad Iraq 1948,   Israel's 2006 Astrological Horoscope,   A Practical Guide to Begining Torah Study,   The Fresser The Eternal Internal Jewish Problem,   Standing Oyvetions,   Mount Carmel Eliahu, the Prophet and Archeology in Israel,   What is the Jewish View on Marriage and Divorce?,   Humor Page,   The Separation Fence Comes to Israel, Part 2,   Memior: From the Russian Revolution to the USA, Today,   Holocaust Survivors' Cookbook,   A Prayer for Gershon Levin,   Is a Palestinian State Relevant?,   The Jewish Bull Rider,   Jephthah's Daughter,  

April 2006 Passover
Understanding the Central Point of Passover Mission to Palestine, 1946,   A Pictorial Visit to a Hand Made Matza Factory,   Archeology in Israel - Herodion,   Yichud Prevent Sexual Abuse the Jewish Way,   Jewish Antiquities at Qasr Al-Amir,   Passover: Learning A Lesson from Pharoah,   Grandma Rachel's Passover Pounce and Pinch,   The Separation Fence Comes to Israel,   American Jews are Vanishing,   Jews in Italy (1848-1923),   Humor Page,   The Passover Brisket Caper,   Is the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt Merely a Myth?,   How NOT to clean for Passover Humor,   Passover Stringency Humor,   Jethro - Priest of Midian,   Pesach in Egypt,   Debt of Honor,   Gush Katif and Home,   Schizophrenia and Ashkenazi Jews,  

March 2006 Purim
Purim, Haman, Hitler, and the Arabs,   Outwitting the Gestapo,   Hamas, Fatah, and Israel,   Mishloach Manot - Jewish Trick or Treat,   House of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook,   Jewish Life in Cluj, Hungary Before the Holocaust,   The Good Name, from the holocaust,   Story based on the Holocaust,   Humor Page,   Purim & Being Happy the Whole Year,   Saved from the Holocaust,   Why Does God Bring Defective Babies into the World?,   Munich, the film,   Review and Thoughts on "Paradise Now", the Film,   Isaac, Jacob, and Esau,   Pickles, the Jewish Bird,   A Jew is a Jew is a Jew,   Let's Have Second, Third, and Later Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,   and Let Public Schools Teach Hebrew!,  

February 2006
Tu B'Shvat, New Year or Bar Mitzvah?,   The True Story of Billy the Kid & The Murder of Morris Bernstein,   Religion, Religious Criminals, and G-d,   Eli Cohen, Our Man in Damascus,   Mamshit & the Ancient Synagogue of Maon,   The Catonists' Saga,   Rabbi Walsh, the Exorcist,   Problems of Arab Journalists Reporting the News,   Humor Page,   Is Keeping Kosher an Aspect of Being "Holier-Than-Thou"?,   Ariel Sharon, the Heart of a Lonely Soldier,   Arik Sharon - He Charted His Nation's Destiny,   Jesse, father of King David - God Searches All The Heart,   Ariel Sharon - Our Friend's Trip is Done,   Comparision of Arab and Jewish Nobel Prize Winners,   For the Love of a Land and a People,  

January 2006
The Ketuba, the Jewish Marriage Agreement,   Beyond the Fire,   Why Marry?,   Yavne Yam,   Getting Your Prayer Answered,   The Uniqueness of Jewish Meditation,   The Night the Rabbi Came for Supper,   Lighting Shabbat Candles,   Humor Page,   Swing of the Pendulum,   Munich - the Movie,   What it was Like: Growing Up Jewish in Hungary,   From Rechovot to Karnei Shomron - Moving Beyond the Green Line,   How Grandpa Won the Hand of Grandmother,  and The Stomach of Monsieur Kornett

December 2005 Chanukah
The Mystical Understanding of Chanukah,   In and Out of the Nazi Camps,   Jewish Horoscopes 2006 ,   Bet Shearim - Archeology in Israel,   Chanukah - Roadmap to Successful Jewish Education,   True Story - My Release from a Nazi Concentration Camp,   Chanukah and International Pressure,   Humor About the Day the Messiah Almost Touched Down,   A Virtual Visit to Rashi's Home Town,   Ho Ho Humor Page,   Chanukah and Hope,   Humor - How to Bring Back Grandma's Yiddish Cooking,   Israel in view of Iran's Nuclear Threat,   Psalm 77 - Your Ways, O God, are Holy,   Who Created G-d?,   Shapespeare and the His Take on the Bible,   and   Dialog and Peace, Will it Work? A Personal Experience,  

November 2005
Always B'Simcha even after Simchat Torah,   Personal Account of Nazi Occupation of Poland,   Can You Guess Who This Israeli Personality Is?,   Apollonia - Archeology in Israel ,   Why the Messiah Will Come?,   A Brief Look at Some Popular Jewish Superstitions,   Recollections from the Holocaust - Guilty,   Mihail Sebastian,   Sometimes Ya Just Gatta Smile! Humor Page,   Jewish Funerals Professional Courtesy,   The Future of the Jews in America,   Mid-East Update & Lost Perspectives,   and Nehemiah,  

October 2005 High Holidays
Repentance, Prayer and Charity & the High Holydays,   Growing Up in Poland - The Begining of the Holocaust,   The Meaning of the Succoth,   The Last Album, Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz - Birkenau,   Yom Kippur is all about love and forgiveness,   An Israeli Soldier Chance Meeting on an Israeli Bus,   Timna - Archeology in Israel,   A Simchat Torah Forgiveness,   Great Humor ,   The Shofar of Yom Kippur in British Mandated Eretz Israel,   Prayer Without Distraction, Is it Possible?,   Legend of The Feather Pillow,   Psalm 18,   Holocaust Memorial,   Rosh Hashanah Story - Two Candiddates to Paradise,   For Israel God Himself Did Decree,   Yarmulkes, Yankees And A Three Run Homer,  

September 2005
Anger Man and Anger Management,   The Song of Hannah,   Elul, Time to Renew an Old Romance,   Is Love Giving? ,   Politically Correct Anti-Semitism,   The Last Miluimnik,   Humility and the Way to God,   Signora Vinograd,   Absalom and David,   Jewish Extremism,   Day Ten,   Israel Through Different Eyes,   and Humor Page,  

August 2005
The Dirty Joke From the Zohar,   London Bombing - Touched by Life,   Emma Lazarus - Jewish Poet,   The Inner Cause of the Destruction of the Temple,   The Traditional Observance of Tisha B'Av,   While the Temple Burned ,   Herodian, the Lavish Palace of Herod,   Warder Cresson, Quaker, Jew,   Create or Procreate?,   Arabs and My White Suede Shoes,   Humor Page,   Fighting the Evil Inclination - Humor,   the Hiccup -a Story,   Sheeny, a Story,   Psalm 27,   Of Torah and Universe,   The Strange Mathematics of Spirituality,   Why Jews Are Smart

July 2005
What is Honor, Wealth, Power and Happiness?,   Forget Me Not,   The Meaning of American Jewish History,   Mystical Understanding of Blessngs,   What Comes First? The Chickens or the Messiah?,   Avraham Landau, The Jewish Clown,   Death Fugue, from the Holocaust,   Humor Page,   Email Scam - Make Quick Money with the Right Partner,   Riding the Roller Coaster with Sinatra,   Jewish History of Camaguey, Cuba,   Chicken Soup with Chopsticks,   Rachel, Through Her Years,   Offical Shidduch Application Form,   My Mother's Prophecy,   A Jealous God

June 2005
Underground With Mommy,   What the Muslims are Taught About Us,   Not Pennies From Heaven,   Blintz Recipe,   the Origin of the Kippa / Yarmulke,   Marriage Enrichment,   Humor Page,   Dreams and their Meanings,   The New Anti-Semitism,   Creation,   Meditation and Hitbonanut,   The Ramban Synagogue,   The History of Rambam Synagogue in Jerusalem,   Roots of Anti-Semitism,   Coming to Live in Israel,   and The Planned Destruction Of The State Of Israel

May 2005
Sisters of the Shoah,   Mystical Applications,   On Holocaust Day We Forget . .,   Jewish Slaves Fashioning Nazi Women,   Life in Israel in the early 1900's,   Recollection from the Holocaust,   Accounting on Israel's 57th Anniversary,   Feeling Auschwitz,   Meeting the Russians in the Israeli Army,   Why do Jewish holidays begin at nightfall?,   Listening & Kabbalah,   Prayer of Habakkuk,   The Shabbat,   and the Good Humor Page,  

April 2005 Passover
Passover Means Reaching True Liberation!,   Passover Seder with Marlon Brando,   USA History - Who & What is an American Jew,   Guide - What to do when Passover begins on the night after Shabbat,   Protesting in Israel - A Personal Account of Police Brutality,   Mystical Explanation of the Passover Miracle,   Unforgetable & Unusual Passover Seder Under Enemy Fire in Vietnam ,   Wearing Sandals in Sfat,   A Little Old Time Red Sox Religion,   Passing Passover Over Through the Generations,   Cantonist Passover Celebrated by those Oppressed by the Tzar,   The Wedding Mitzvah Dance,   Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community,   Joseph and His Ten Brothers,   Our Spiritual Place,   Zionism, Judaism, and the Jewish People,   AND   Humm Humor Page,  

March 2005 Purim
Three Day Purim ,   Drinking, Religion and Purim,   American Jewish History 1967 - Present,   Esther, Mordecai, and King Achasverous,   Then They Came For...,   Recipe for Yerusalmi (Jerusalem) Kugel,   Ariel Peres, Shimon Sharon and the end of Zionism,   The Strange Case of The Sandal with the Nails,   Yona and the Whale,   Humor Page,   Oil, Israel and the Mid-East Peace Solution,   The Hat,   Is a Martyr really a Martyr?,   Finding the Right Jewish Girl,   The Shelter for the G-dly Spark,  and Saba's Stories,  

February 2005
Moses - What Made Him Who He Was?,   US Jewish History 1945-1967 Survival in the New World ,   Jewish Belief in the Age of Science,   Happiness in Marriage,   Humorous Lessons from the Bible,   A Tale of Two Walls,   Yesterday, a Year Ago - Remembering Chezi Goldberg,   King Solomon,   Humor Page,   Boomtown Days and the Jews in Texas,   Jewish Family Life and Corporate Business,   Reba - a Short Story about Living Life,   Tatteleh - a Memoir,  and   God's Gift to the Jews,  

January 2005
Computer Wallpaper of Jerusalem & Kotel ,   Righeous Men, Wicked Men, and Others in Between ,   The Jewish Calendar,   American Jewish History 1924-1945,   Anti Semitism - What is in a Name,   Masada,   Happiness, is it achievable?,   Holding the Line in Hebron,   Psalm 23,   Ufruf - the Bridegroom's Calling to the Torah,   Rosenfeld, Inc. and the Yontif Suit,   Recalling Zaida (grandfather),   Islam's Problem with Israel's Existence,   The Chasid's Dream,   Israeli Sovereignty and American Foreign Policy,   Humor, Ho-Ho 

December 2004 Chanukah
Lighting the Chanuka Candles and the Disagreement Between the Academies of Hillel and Shamai,   America Jewish History 1880 - 1924 the Russians,   Chanukah and The Miracle in the Oil,   Prague and the Jews,   A Tale of Tallit and Tallaism Beyond the Fringes,   Psalm 19,   the Jewish Blues Guitarist,   A Brief History of the Root of Arab Terror,   What are Jews Celebrating on Chanukah?,   The Need for a Constitutional Democracy for Israel,   The Arab Mind,   Zona - Jewish Red Light District,   Life Altering Trip to Israel,   Humor, A Smile Helps 

November 2004
Jews and the American West,   The First Murder, Cain Killed Abel,   Children of Holocaust Survivors Speak,   All From Heaven,   The Walking Corpses of Madjanek,   Accelerating Power in Prayer,   Isaiah, the Prophet,   An Improved Funeral,   Anti-Demographic Arguement in the Territories,   Live and do Business in the Face of Terrorism,   The Other Five Commandments,   Terror Threat Outside of Israel,   Herbert Hoover's Mid-East Solution,   Dusty Jokes & Humor 

September-October 2004 High Holiday Edition
The Essence of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur ,   Yonah - A Whale of a Story,   Food, Symbolism and Signs for Rosh Hashanah,   Horoscope Predictions for the New Jewish Year 5765,   Tales of Chelm,   American Jewish History - Part 6 ,   The Nimrod Fortress,   Simchat Torah, the Conclusion of the High Holidays,   Socrates in Israel,   Lulav and Etrogs and other things,   Samson - and by the Spirit of my God,   Did Moses Really Receive the Torah from Mount Sinai?,   Could That Be God Up There Calling?,   Ten Commandments in America,   Guidelies for News Reporting on Israel,   A Celestial Promenade,   Trusty Jokes & Humor 

August 2004
S'licot,   United States Jewish History Part 5 1820-1860,   Lord George Gordon,   Islamic Intolerance,   The Baal Shem Tov,   Multi-District Elections for Israel,   Marken Alley,   Horrifying ObsessionPray for the Peace of Jerusalem,    Children of War,    Navigating the Myriad of Charities   and   Rusty Jokes & Humor 

July 2004
American Jewish History Part 4,   Moses Montefiore,   Daniel,   Israeli Election System,   Yetta - A Story,   Commemerating the Destruction of the Temple,   How Much Longer?,   NoahThe Rich Cantor,    Yad LeTinok, Helping Mothers and Babies,   and Crusty Humor 

June 2004
American Jewish History Part 3,   Terrorism and Innocence,   Sanctity of the Kohain,   Another Day Another Bus Ride,   Maybe G-d Wants Differently?,   The Seat in the Window,   Creation Ex-Nihilo,   Personal Advancement versus Group BenefitsThe Talit, T'philin, and the Mitzvot,    Women at War,    and Humor 

May 2004
Ethics of the Fathers,   American Jewish History Part 2,   Einstein, Germany, and the "Palestinians",   Elisha, the Prophet,   Coming Down to Earth,   Honor and Respect,   The Simple Touch of Fate,   Biecz Poland Before the HolocaustDavid Irving: Holocaust Denier Update,    The Mystery of Lag B'Omer & the Stiff Necked People,    The Only Survivor,    The Chicken, the Cow and the Carp,    Humor 

April 2004 Passover
The Story of the Four Sons,   Jerusalem Passover, 1948,   Passover and the Blood Libel,   Pearls of Wisdom from the Haggada,   Growing Up Jewish in Iran,   Ettie and Sadie,   Visiting the Matzo Factory,   The Problem Isn't PalestineAmerican Jewish History - the Begining,    Israel's Song,    The Samaritans,    The Fast Man's Seder,    Passover Humor 

March 2004 Purim
Purim For Us,   2004 Purim Guide,   Shimon bar Kokhbah,   One Purim; Two Hamans,   Israeli Settlements,   Purim In and Out,   Purim, How You've Changed,   Wise Older WomanNew Approach to Stopping Arab Terror,    The Tale Of Finkel,    Psalm 90,    More Humor 

February 2004
Ahad Ha-Am, Zionist Leader,   Tu B'shvat Insights and Customs,   Tu B'Shvat in Israel,   Moses, the Jewish Leader,   Mishka the Thief,   Dealing with Low Self Esteem,   What Men Look For Jewish Girls,   Grandma Rachel's ChallahWhat is Challah, Anyway?,    Shlomo (Solomon) ibn Gibirol - Poet Philoshoper,    Hannah's Song,    Self Improvement Through Jewish Stories,    Intellectual Honesty in Recognizing Terrorism,    More Feeble Attempts at Humor  

January 2004
Birobidzhan - The Jewish Homeland,   Captured by a Cobra,   Jewish Astrological Horoscope for 2004,   Staying in There,   Jihad of the Pagans,   Salt - Meaning in Life,   Jews in Hollywood,   Time is Money, isn't it?,   Herzilya Conference Peace Plan,   Remembering Mother's LegacyAbigail - Wife of King David,    The Mysterious Rabbi,    Tsimiss Recipe,    Attempts at Humor  

December 2003 Chanuka
The Menorah and the Mezuzah ,   Terrorism - Change Must Come From Within,   Being Happy,   Chanukah's Message to Us,   God's Hand in Israel,   Chanuka's Mystical Ecstasy,   Life as a Jewish Wrestler,   Grandma Rachel, What is Taharah?,   Reflecting on Chanukah,   the DreidelJewish Ghosts in Poland,    Psalm 103,    Return to Judaism ,    Chanukah Potato Latkes Recipe,    The Dreidel Song, Revised,  and   More Humor  

November 2003
Controlling Anger via Judaism,   The Beilis Blood Libel,   Tattoos in Judaism,   Adam & Eve,   Striving for Kashrut,   Grandma Bella's Pickle Cure,   Jewish Weddings,   Ideas & Ideals of Jabotinsky,   Tzadakah in Real Time,   Hebron - ArcheologyBoaz,  and   Potato Kugel Recipe,  and   More Humor  

October 2003 Succah & Yom Kippur
The Essential and Existential Succah,   Tashlich,   Yom Kippur Blues,   A Cantonist's Yom Kippur Prayer,   Israel & Peace,   Kishke Recipe,   Putting an End to a Terrorist,   Rabbi Rambo,   Grandma Rachel's Scary Story ,   The American AxisMy Jewish World,  and   Humor  

September 2003 Rosh Hashanah
Elul & the Shofar,   The Shofar on Rosh Hashanah,   Sigmund Freud the Jew,   Stealing, Punishment and the Jewish Way,   Patrons of Arab Terrorism,   Controling Your Ego,   The Wall,   The Wall in My Heart,   Learning Ethics from the Torah,   Grandma Rachel's Yiddish LessonJob - A Mortal Disputes,  and   Blue Humor Page 

August 2003
Sodomy, Rape, Homosexuality and the Jewish Family,   Commemorating the Crusader Attack Upon Jerusalem,   Israel and the European Union,   Grandma Rachel's Best Baked Potato in the World ,   Memories of Real Jewish Cooking,   Prove to Me that G-d Exists!,   The Tabernacle And The Golden Calf,   Christian Support for Israel ,   The Greatest Gift ,   Elisha and NaamanVouchers,  and   Jewish Jokes

July 2003
Cleopatra and Rabbi Meir,   Israel Horoscope Update,   In the Hotel - a Parable,   From the Ashes of Dachau ,   Archeology in Israel - Bethsaida,   Growing Up Jewish - One Girl's Story,   the Reason for Terror,   King Saul,   I. Joseph Kellerman,   and   Jewish Jokes

June 2003 Shavout Issue
Who is the Messiah?,   Shavout Mystical Insight,   Manya Shcohet - Mother of the Kibbutz Movement,   Shavout Cheesecake Recipe,   Health, Harmony, & Judaism,   Grandma's Kitchen,   the Jewish Road Map,   A Jewish Soldier,   Shavout & Freedom,   Elijah, the Prophet,    Pregnacy - B'Shaa Tovah,  and   Humor

May 2003
Elie Cohn, Spy in Damascus,   The Shema Israel,   Widow of Dice - True Holocaust Story,   Conquest of an Arab Village,   Joseph's Tomb,   Personal Holocaust Experience,   Understanding the Jewish Soul,   Enemy of Democracy & Judaism,   Liberation of the Burma Road,   Woman of Valor,   and Humor

April 2003 Passover
The Messiah and Passover,   Matza Ball Receipe,   Passover with the Irgun,   Religion & State in Israel,   Understanding Miracles,   Freedom & Speech on Passover,   Rice on Passover,   Jacob on his Journey,   Is Kabbalah our Saviour?,   Running in the Rain with God,    God Bless You, Cousin Sidney, and   Humor

March 2003 Purim
Purim & Chanukah, Similarities and Differences,   the Division Street Princes,   Purim with Stalin,   Drinking on Purim,   The Gates & Wall of Jerusalem,   You've Got Family,   Significance of an Identity,   Jacob in Laban's House,   Secrets of Kabbalah,   The World Upside Down,   Guide to PurimAnti-Semitism, the Same Old Story,  and   Humor

February 2003
Spiritual Explorations,   The British Called Me a Terrorist,   A Tale of Two Clowns,   Gambling in Jewish Law,   Ahuva Gray,   Glory - an Israeli Love Story,   the Package,   For a Better Israel,   Large Families,   Jacob at Heaven's Gate,  and   Humor

January 2003
Astrological Forecasts for Israel,   On Fate and Good Fortune,   Meeting Your Mate,   Whole Wheat Personal Challas,   Vladimir Jabotinsky,   Getting Ready,   Speaking the Unspeakable,   Jews for ?,   Yiddish on the Web,   Jacob and Esau,  and   Humor

December Chanukah 2002
Kosher Sex,      Could Santa Bring a Hanukka Present?   Chanukah, A Time of Inspiration,   Bubbie & Zadie Recall the Holocaust,    Chanukah Recipe,   Hanukkah's Spiritual Lights,    Megiddo,    Red Cross Double Crosses Jews,    Menorah Shopping in Texas,     King Solomon's Prayer,    The J Letter,    Humor

November 2002
Put Arafat on Trial,    Bikur Cholem,    Bridging Troubled Water,   Putting out the Fire,   Forgive Our Trespasses,   Archaeology - Be'er Sheva,   Israel's Most Dangerous Enemies  Revealing Secrets of the TorahNews Flashes,    Jewish Renaissance in Melitopol,    Humor

October 2002
Is Religion Ruining Judaism?,    Chaim Wiezmann ,   The Righteous Thief ,   Appeasement, Hitler, and Arafat,   Jewish Charity is Different,   Archaeology - The Ancient City of David in Jerusalem,   Israel, Democracy and PoliticsThe Story of Abraham, our PatriarchTwo RoadsPost Traumatic Stress Disorder & Cockroaches,    Humor

September 2002 High Holidays
About Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur,    AlbertEinstein, the Jew    The Temple and the Sanctuary,   Experiencing Succoth,   A Train in Poland,   Archaeology - Tel Dan,   A Mystical Succot Experience,    A Story for Rosh HashannahJoshua - A Man of Faith,    the Myth of al-Aqsa,    Israel's Big Contest,    Day of Remembrance,    Israelis Behaving Like Nazis,  and Humor

August 2002
Slichot - Preparing for Rosh Hashanah,    I Believe Arafat    The Beauty of the Hebrew Language,   The New Neighbors,   The Super-Duper Supermarket,   Archaeology in Hatzor,   Personal Improvement through Personal Accounting,    Return from BabylonJudaism Versus IslamOn Being Jewish,    Humor

July 2002
Of Cockroaches and Kings,   Dhimmi - Jews and Christians Under Islam    Suddenly There Was War in Mandate Palestine,   Spiritual Exercises in Remembering Jerusalem,   The Function of the 3rd Temple,   Archaeology in Tiberia,   Anti-Semitism - It's All About Theft    David and Jonathan,    Experiencing Germany after the War,    Samuel, Saul and Prophecy,     Overcoming Frustrations,    Humor

June 2002
Torah and the Tzaddikim,   The Dofus Case   Tel Lachish,   Massacre in Mandate Palestine,   Jail in Jewish Law,   Scary Memories,   Sarah, Mother of Nations,   Elevator Talk - Vos iz der tachlis?"Yiddish HumorFaith versus Logic    Humor

May 2002
Hannah Senesh,   Kabalistic Reflection on Creation and the Creator Life in Mandate Palestine - Commencement,   Terror, Islam and its Inherent Danger,   Legends from the Talmud - Rava & ben Sheshek,   The Choice,   On Watch for Neo Nazis,    If A Jew Ran for PresidentOrchids - As the Tanks Rolled into NablusMoses, part 3    Humor

April 2002
Customs & Traditions of the Omer    Democracy & Zionism,   Omer Insigts,   Anti-Semitism & Self Delusion,   Hamas Humor,   Peace & War,   Prague Report,    Ein Gedi,     Victory in the Arab Conflict,     Discrediting Fear,   Oslo -a Religious Cult,      I.D.F. Officer Reports     Moses, part 2    Humor

March Passover 2002
Searching for Chometz    Passover, its Essence in its Name,   Bernard Lewis on Islam,   The True Face of Islam,   Moses - He Led Them Out,   Bread Mills in the Lower Galilee,   The Answer, My Friend,    Leaving Egypt - a First Hand Account,     Passover - As Reported in the Impartial Israeli Press,     Bitter Herb,   Passover, the Chicken and the Egg      Chad Gadya,     The One Miracle,    Humor

February Purim 2002
Purim, Adar & Happiness throughout the Year,   Purim, How to do it Up Right !,   War Ain't a Social Club,   The Teaching of a Debased Rabbi,   Customs and Traditions in Mourning,   Yizkor - the Prayer to Remember,   Tour Guiding in the West Bank,   When Chinese Worry Met Jewish Angst,   The Tenth Man,    Esther,   Humor
January 2002
Redemption of the First Born Son Tu B'Shvat,   Four Weeks out in Shechem,   Lillian Wald,   Jewish Realism & Free Choice,   Sherlock Holmes & Jewish Heritage,   Graveyard Hopping,   Gideon,   Sharon vrs Churchill,   Keeping Kosher,   Mom's Dating Rules,   Religion & Animal Activism,   Humor
December Chanukah 2001
Chanukah & Christmas,   Hanukkah's Spiritual Lights,   the Story of the Wandering Jew,   Chanukah Miracle,   Intellectualism versus Righteousness,   Letter from the IDF,   Chanuka and Rebuilding the Modern Jewish State,   the Mother who Fought the IDF & Won!,   Dealing with Militant Islam,   Inter-Jewish Strife,   and   Humor
November 2001
Golda Meir,   the Roots of Chassidism,   Dybbuks Love Lemon Pie,   the Shema Israel,   Jewish Genealogy,   Anne Frank,   Ovda - the Israeli Experience,   What are Friends For?,   Free Will,   Nazi's in France and Humor
October Succot 2001
Traditions of Sukkot,   the Greatness of the Second Temple,   Abraham's Legacy,   Master of the Field,   Structure of Faith,   Herod's Palace in Jerusalem,   Sukkah - the Season of Our Joy,   Terrorism - is There a Limit to Unthinkability?,   David & Golith,   Is Australia the New Haven for Nazism?  and  More Humor.
September Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur 2001
Elul - Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur,   Growing Up in Palestine during the British Mandate,   Traditions of Yom Kippur,   Death Denial,   Oslo Revisited,   The Temple & the Festivals,   Honey Cake - the Rosh Hashana Experience,   the Collapse of Israeliness,   Arabs on Cream,   A Matter of Life and Death,   Magnolias,   Tombs in Jerusalem's Valleys,   and  Humor
August 2001
Joshua and the Prostitute,   Voyage of the St. Louis,   the S/S Patria (Moledet),   CyberYenta,   Middle East Peace - American Style,   Alice - Growing Up Jewish,   Stressed Out in the Middle-East,   New Mode of Connecting to God at the Kotel,   Dr Joseph Goldberger & His Gift,   Asking the Right Questions about Middle-East Peace,   and more Humor.
July 2001
Have God at Your Table,   The Messiah,   Becoming Pregnant,   Samuel,   Add Years to Your Life - from the Talmud,   Early Jewish Basketball,   Sarah Froner - Early Feminists,   Real Time,   Life in Efrat,   and  Humor.
June 2001
Chassidic Meditation,   Self Sex Attraction,   at the Wailing Wall,   Holocaust Effects,   Eve,   Love Your Fellow Jew,   the Shtetl in the New World,   Healthcare,   Talmudic Advice for a Long Life,   Ancient Synagogues Bar'am and Capernaum,   Once upon a time in Once  and  Funny Humor.
May Shavuot 2001
Shavuot & the Torah   Ruth,   Cholent Recipe,   Cheesecake Recipe,   the Root of Arab Terrorism,   David Ben Gurrion,   Eliezer Ben Yehuda,   the Old City of Yaffa,   the Difference Between Yom Tov & Shabbat,   and  Humor.
April Passover 2001
Customs and Tradions of Passover,   Matzah Haggadah and the Ten Plagues,   Hamas Mixes Religion with Terrorism,   Archaeology & the Temple Mount,   On Chametz and Haggadahs,   Jewish Parenting,   Deborah the Prophetess,   Stay for the Seder,   My Cup has Overflowed,   Historical Quotations Relating to the Arab Israeli Conflict,  and of course Ho-Ho Humor.
March Purim 2001
Purim Fun,   Purim,   Passover Miracles,   the Story of Esther,   Wyatt Earp & the Jews,   Mapping a Successful Marriage,   Israeli-Arab Facts,   Archaeology in Ashkelon,   Rediscovering Purim,   Selenuim Sam - a Mensch,   Jewish Jokes!!
February 2001
The Tabernacle and the Temple,   Tu B'shvat & Vegetarianism,   Israel & National Identity,   King David,   Jewish Collective Guilt,   Shammai,   Gamla in the Golan,   Zayde - Memoies of Williamsburg,   Kibbutz Experience,   Jerusalem Comes into the Modern Era,   and Ho Ho Humor!!
January 2001
Report from Gilo,   Jerusalem,   Dream in Jewish Thought,   What is Holiness?,   Three Doras,   New Banana Boat Song,   Chicken Soup w/Matza Balls Recipe,   Archaeology - Beit She'an,   One Person Makes the Difference,   Original Poems - Angels of Love, Hope & Life,   and Humor
December Chanukah 2000
Chanukah - Then & Now,   The Silver Chanukah Menorah,   A Neo Nazi Encounter in Germany,   The Story of Hanukah,   the Pseudo Chanukah Fairy,   Lighting Up the Channukah Menorah Right,   Chanuka Potato Pancake (Latkes) Recipe,   Hanukah Every Day,   Tel Afek - Archaelolgy,   I Am Joseph,   the Chanukah Driedel,   and  Humor
November 2000
Middle East Conflict,   Rabbi Meir & his Mischievous Neighbors,   Food for the Soul,   Thanksgiving in Sinai,   Jewish Vilna,   Jewish Memories,   the Lighter Side of the Intifada(?),   Holocaust Memories ,   and  Humor (of course)
October High Holidays 2000 Edition
The Sabbatical Year,   Rosh Hashannah - Creation & Re-Creation ,   Yom Kippur & the Rewards of Modesty,   Don't Go Slowly on Yom Kippur,   Jewish I.Q.,   Chanah & Climbing the Ladder of Prayer,   the Kotel Tunnels & Temple Mount,   the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany,   Judaism in the 5th Billenium,   Arabs & Palestine,   Great Moments Unaware,   and  Humor
August-September 2000
The 9th of Av & Messiah's Birthday,   the Transcendency of G-d,   the Jews of Kovno,   Angel Food in Concentration Camp - Recipe,   Shabbat of Comfort,   Ode to Yiddish,   Beit Guvrin Archeology,   G-d's Partner,   Finger Nails & Jewish Weddings,   Kosher Everywhere,   and  Humor
July 2000 Edition
Holocaust Exhibition,   Jews of Riga,   Understanding the Creation,   the Banyas,   Traveling through Jordan,   Is There a Blessng for an Uzi Machine Gun?,   the Book of Health,   Bar Mitzvah  and  Humor
June 2000 Edition
Shavout -The Holiday of the Torah,   Yom HaShoah - Jerusalem Day,   Mt. Sinai in Archaeology,   Jewish Hope & the Messiah,   Climbing up Mount Sinai,   Wise Men of Chelm,   Meeting Jews,   Reliving the Moment that the Kotel Came Back,   and  HUMOR...
May 2000 Edition
Two Souls & Chassidut,   Examining the Holocaust,   The Horse that Prayed,   Club Med,   the Counting of the Omer,   the Ancient city of Zippori,   Making Amends,   Growing Up Jewish,   Poems and Humor
April 2000 Passover Edition
A Passover Miracle from the Holocaust,   Making the Seder the Easy Way,   the Time of Passover,   Vision of the Divine,   Counting the Omer & Elevating the Soul,   the Cup of Elijah the Prophet,   Jericho,   and  Humor
March 2000 Purim Edition
The Purim Guide,   Personal Recollection of the Old Generation,   the Megilat Esther,   Gamla Revisited,   Mystical Understanding of Tzitzit,   Jews in Christian Colleges,   Acco,   the Sacred Letters of Hebrew,   and  Humor
February 2000 Edition
Mysticism and Psychology,   Tower of David,   New Moon,   "Chai There" - Recognizing Jews,   Jewish Education,   Helping a Jew,   I Will Praise the L-ord,   Stereotypes,   and Humor
January 2000 Edition
What is Prophecy,   Avishai Raviv & the Yitzhak Rabin Conspiracy,   Customs of Circumcision,   A Miraculous Recovery,   Why the Soul?,   the Free Download Blues,   a Humorous view of Jewish History,   Jewish Immigrant Family  and   Humor
December 1999 Chanuka Edition
Chanukah,   Menorah & Mezzuah,   Hanukkah Candlelight vrs. Sunlight,   Yehudit- Heroine of Channuka,   Archaeology in Israel,   Conversations With God,   Jewish Prison Volunteers,   A Humorous Look at Jewish Food,   Truth, Happiness and the American Way,   Inside and Out of Mitzvoth,   and  Humor
October/November 1999 Edition
The Role of the Soul,   Massada,   the Hidden World of Kindness,   Prisoners of Zion,   the Golem,   Intermarriage B.C.E.,   at the Kotel,   Hope for Children with CP,  and  Humor
September High Holidays 1999 Edition
The Relationship between Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, & Succot,   the Saddist Synagogue,   the Kapparot Ceremony,   Web of Hate,   The Goat - Yom Kippur's Star,   Mystical Secret of the Succoth,   Hide & Seek on the High Holidays,   Caesarea - Archaeology and Humor
August 1999 Edition
The Jewish Month of Elul,   Missionaries,   Antiquities from the Golan,   Healing the World,   Turning the Corner - Jewish Thought,   the Ordeal of the Sotah,   A Green Yarmulke,   and Humor,  
July 1999 Edition
Remembering the Temple & Fast Days,   Society & Jewish Social Values,   Tel Quasile - Archaeology,   Simon's Bad Day,   Kamsa & Bar Kamsa - the Traditional Story of Tish B'av,   Torah & the Uniqueness of the Moment,   No Cossacks in America,   and  Humor
June 1999 Edition
Mystical,Intellectual, & Emotional Harmony,   Arlosoroff & Zionism,   the Arrest and Liberation of Jordan Fried,   the Jewish Cowboy,   Inside Russia,   Common Jewish Diseases,   the  Winner of the "It's Not My Job!" Award,   and  Humor
May 1999 Shavuot Edition
Shavuot & the Torah,   Jewish Sexual Traditions,   Holocaust and Anti-Semitic Progression,   Customs of Shavuot,   the Telegram in Old Jerusalem,   Jewish Prisioners,   What is in a Name,   Dealing with Stress, Jewishly,   and Humor!
April 1999 Edition
Jewish Astrology and Horoscopes,   Love, Jewish Style,   the Altalena & the State of Israel,   Two Inspirational Poems,   Jack & the Beanstalk - Jewish style,   the Thief Amongst Us,   and humor
March 1999 Passover Edition
Making an Easy Seder,   Bread on Passover,   Re-Incarnation,   the Innocent Thief of Jerusalem,   Matza Ball Recipe,   the Wicked Son,   Where is Reb Zusha Going?,   Praise & Criticism,   and   Humor
February 1999 Purim Edition
Purim, Happiness and Success,   Doing Purim Right!   Aryeh Levin, Father of Jewish Prisoners,   Rashi,   Mystical Psychology,   Purim Fun,   Israel's Golden Era,   the Rabbi's Assistant,   Small Deeds,   Day One,   and  Humor!
January 1999 Edition
The Rambam,   Re-Incarnation,   Facilitated Communication,   Backpacking through Germany,   Jewish Food in Humor,   Shabbaetai Tzvi,   Making Kiddush,   the Sabbath,   Hatred within Judasim,   and Ho Ho Humor
December,   1998 - Chanukah Edition
Chanukah & the Third Temple,   Chanukkah in the Most Elegant Fashion,   Chanuka Latkes Recipe,   Lighting Up for Hanukka,   Miracles Still Happen,   Forbidden Sexual Ralations,   Political Cartoon,   Hungarian Holocaust Memory,   Chanukah & the Holocaust,   the Battles of the Maccabees,   Ein Harod Fire  and   Humor
November,   1998
Kabbalistic Insights,   Jewish Belief by the Rambam,   Sex and Judaism,   the Mirror - A Chassidic Story,   the Jewish Mexican Crisis,   Five Years After Oslo,   Israeli Youth - a Poll,   19th Century Jerusalem,   Why does Evil Profit?    and Humor
October,   1998 - High Holiday Edition
Spiritual Significance of the Succoth,   There is ONE,   the Meaning of Simchat Torah,   Jewish Belief,   Bombardment on Succot,   Shabbetai Zvi,   the Essenes,   Harry Golden and the Coat,   Leah's Acknowledgement,   and  Humor
September,   1998 - New Year Edition
Elul - Preparing for Rosh Hashanah,   the Ghost of Bugsy Goldstein,   Traditions of Rosh Hashannah,   the Ancient Ark of the Covenant,   the Baal Shem Tov & Prayer,   Jewish Marriage,   Polictical Cartoon,   Avdat & the Nabatean Empire,   the Flute & the High Holidays  plus  Ho Ho Humor
August,   1998
Tisha B'Av & The Destruction of the Temple,   Kaddish,   Moses Montifiore's Dream,   Free Choice,   Israel Reserve Army Duty,   Mako Shark and Jewish Roots,   Achar, the Recalcitrant Rabbi,   Yaakov & Real Kindness,   Political Cartoon   and Humor
July,   1998
The Secret of Incense,   Reserve Duty in Gaza,   Day of Rain,   Customs of Fast Days,   Political Cartoon,   Jewish Law & Mysticism,   From the Lowest to Loftiest,   Humor and Martial or Martial Arts?
June,   1998 - Shavout Edition
Ruth,   Kabbalistic Insights into Life,   the New Anti-Semitism,   Humility,   Shavuot,   Jewish Blood,   Lag B'Omer in Meron,   Being Happy,   Oslo and Reality,   the Promised Land  and  Humor
May,   1998
Theodore Herzl,   Is Liberalism Judaismthe Irgun,   Giving,   Lag B'Omer,   Zionism,   Conversion,   Divorce,   and  Humor
April,   1998 - Passover Edition
Significance of Matza,   Jerusalem Blood Libels,   Life on Other Worlds,   Secret of the Seder,   Ballad of Four Sons,   Balfour Declaration,   Political Cartoon,   Tangled Vines,   Enjoying Life,   Jewish Style,   and  Humor
March,   1998 - Purim Edition
The History of Purim,   the Secret of the Megilah,   Customs and Traditions of Purim,   the Haunted Synagogue of Safed,   Humor,   Parable - Drunk & Nobleman,   Political Cartoon  and the  Jewish Juggler
February,   1998
The Mystical Side of 15th of Shevat,   Celebrating Tu B'Shvat,   A Certain Watcher,   Political Cartoon,   Tangled Vines,   Food & Kabbalah,   All for a Mitzvah,   Waste in Jewish Law,   Humor,   and  the Dryfus Case
January,   1998
The Tenth of Teveth,   Kabbalah and Science,   the Sefad Earthquake,   When Bad is Good,   the Dead Sea,   Bread in Jewish Law,   What's it All Worth,   Cartoon  and Humor
December,   1997 - Chanukah Edition
The Kabbalistic Chanukkah Lights,   the Churva,   History of Chanuka,   Playing Dreidel,   Humor,   Lighting Up Right,   the Spiritual Dimension of Chanukkah,   the Ultimate Triumph,   the Field (a Poem)
November,   1997
Kabbalah & Pleasure,   The Kindness that Came Back,   Yiddishe Mamma,   The Tune of the Torah,   How Hebrew Works,   Humor,   and  a Blessing for You!!
October,   1997 - High Holiday Edition
Yom Kippur Judgement,   I am a Succah Wall,   The Blessings on the Torah,   The Tomb of Rachel,   Kotzk,   Returning to God,   Peguah,   Humor,   and Jewish Demography
September,   1997 - New Year Edition
Rosh Hashanah,   Safed,   Love your Neighbor,   Naomi,   Pulse,   Mysticism,   Jewish Law,   the Rabbi's New Car,   and a Parable for Our Time


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