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Double Cross Red Cross for Jews

By Arlene Peck

Several years ago, I wrote a column in which I outlined various facts showing the Red Cross to clearly be an anti-Semitic organization. I wrote about their discriminatory policies against Israel. At the time, few people took me seriously. My eyes were opened when I traveled to Prague and visited the concentration camps. It was then and there that I realized only someone that hated Jews could look at that slice of Hell and report back the world at large, "The Jews really aren't being treated so badly."

The Nazis used one of their camps near Prague as a "show" camp. A movie was even made about it several year ago. I traveled to it. Thereisenstadt was its name. They had Jewish prisoners who were musicians, painters, actors, etc. Whenever the IRC announced that they were coming to visit, the prisoners were forced to spruce up the camp! By the time the pre-announced inspectors arrived all torture instruments would be hidden, the pool would be open and nice meals were being served. The Jews were then forced to perform concerts, put on plays and have displays of art for the geniuses from the IRC. Allegedly no one knew about most of the killing camps located in Poland. The "inspectors" were too busy being entertained to bother looking for them.

It was a shock to realize that this international "humanitarian organization" had intentionally reported erroneously about the true conditions. Rather than alerting the world about the serious plight of these brave and desperate people during the Holocaust, they lied. The result? It's hard give an exact number, but it's safe to say many thousands of Jews (and other undesirables) died at the hands of the Nazi butchers that might have otherwise been saved. If only the world had known and the Red Cross reported the truth. Think they were duped? I don't think so.

Given the number of people out there in the media apologizing for this or that centuries-old grievance against virtually every ethnic group in existence, you'd think that the Red Cross would jump on the bandwagon and try to make amends. Really? Think again. It was no surprise to me when I discovered additional evidence showing how this "humanitarian organization has always been and continues to be overtly hostile to Israel.

Since 1948, they have quietly, but firmly refused to accept Israel's equivalent of the Red Cross - which is called "Mogen David Adom" - into its membership. I've already heard the arguments: "You shouldn't expect a group using a Christian symbol to accept a non-Christian symbol like the Star of David. They aren't picking on the Jews. They only want to use their own symbol." Really? Guess again.

This conspiracy of silence welcomes the Arab nations! While the Jewish star symbol is forbidden, the Red Cross is happy to bend over backwards to accommodate and include the Arab nations into its organization. They have officially pandered to the Arabs and accepted the Red Crescent. The crescent, of course, is a symbol derived from Islam. When confronted about this shameful practice, they repeat, "Well, that's not our fault. It's the fault of the International Red Cross." Tell me. Does this sound a lot like when the Nazis on trial kept saying, "We didn't do anything wrong. We were just following orders." Orders to do what? To make certain the Star of David is the only humanitarian emblem that has ever been formally rejected by the Red Cross?!?!

For more decades than the public wants to accept, the International Red Cross has deliberately discriminated against Jews. From lying about the conditions in the concentration camps to refusing to accept the symbol of the Jewish state as a legitimate emblem of Israeli's equivalent of the Red Cross, they have been blatantly discriminatory; And from the very beginning, nothing has been done to stop them. So, why would I expect anything different from them today?

Recently, the International Committee of the Red Cross allocated only $300,000 for MDA's lifesaving efforts, but gave $30 million for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. To add insult to injury, the lied to the world by making it appear as though the funds were divided equally. As usual, Israel came out on the short end of that stick.

Even Canada, who until recently, I've always considered one of the more friendly and rational nations has behaved with a decidedly anti-U.S. and anti-Semitic slant. I was shocked to find that they have made every effort to close down the Mogen David office and strip it of it's non-profit status. Why all this deception and discrimination?

The American Jewish Committee answered some of my questions a few years ago by saying, "The American Red Cross, to its credit, has pledged to right this wrong." From all I can gather, nothing has changed. It is my belief that The International Committee of the Red Cross, the Federation of Red Cross and the Red Crescent Society have no plans to ever change their disgusting policy. If the time ever comes when the Mogen David Adom is allowed into this world-wide organization, it will only be because they have been absolutely forced to so.

The one thing that still amazes me is how - after fifty years - this policy is still allowed to continue unchallenged. If some ritzy American country club receiving the public benefits enjoyed by the Red Cross refused to allow a particular group to get a membership, the networks would cover their fairways with camera crews. Civil rights groups screaming "discrimination" would parachute lawyers onto the greens. But in this same America, the general public is not even made aware of the true character of this unrepentant anti-Semitic organization. Instead the general public is pressured to give and give and give.

I have done a few things to balance the scales a tiny bit. My daughter (Dana) used to donate her platelets to the Red Cross every month. I think it 's wonderful that they are used to save lives. But I felt that if the Jewish symbol was not good enough for the Red Cross, then my child's Jewish platelets were best used by another organization. I laid a bit of grief on her about it. She indulged her mother and now donates her AB negative platelets to a terrific Jewish hospital. At Cedars Sinai they also use platelets to save lives every day; And - unlike the Red Cross - they've found a way to do this without discriminating against anyone. Amazing!

Recently, I had as a guest on my television show, terrorist expert, Shimon Erems. I brought this topic up to him and Mr. Erems wholeheartedly agreed with me in my assessment of the Red Cross. He thought one answer was to have a group of Holocaust survivors approach every single country in Europe. "These people should contact the leaders of these countries and approach them with the question, "How can you support the International Red Cross and their discriminatory policy?" Who knows? Maybe he's right. They could mobilize local support in each of these countries by getting the intelligentsias, and the young on their side. Their slogan could be:

"Stop the Swiss Nazi's from running the International Red Cross!"

from the December 2002 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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