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A Grandson's Fond Memory of His Grandmother Lottie

Sitting Shiva Offers a Guide by Which to Live

My Mother's Funeral (and Mrs. Gefilte Fish)

Will the Real Judaism Please Stand Up?

The Dilemma of the American Jewish Identity: Who or What is a Jew?

Jewish in the Middle: Advantage in being Disavantaged

Five Secrets for Raising Healthy and Happy Children

Was Shakespeare Jewish?

An Orthodox Jew in China has Interesting Observations

What is in a Name? Changing from a Jewish name to a non Jewish name

A Little Help from Our Friends: Chesed means Helping Each Other

Older Volunteers from the USA for the Israeli Army

What has Happened to the Americans? Have Americans Become Dumb or Just Plain Stupid?

Where Idealism and Realism Collide: the Israeli Liberals

May a Jew live in Egypt Today?

An Immigrant from the Soviet Union Remembers Celebrating Her First Passover

If they had Jewish mothers (and maybe they did)! Tongue in Cheek

How can we Take Lessons from the Torah and Apply them to Real Life?

The Secret of Jewish Parenting: The Ultimate Balancing Act: Letting go of our children

Why are Jews so smart? IQ: Analytical vrs Memory, which do you think is worth more?

Mosaic Rhetoric: The Lawgiver's Last Will to the Children of Israel

Serious Problems Surface in the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox World

Parenting: Purpose or Pardon? The Case of the Jewish Weight-lifter-ess

Raising Children, How to and How not to

Apathetic Robots are Roaming the Streets of America: the Internet

Jews Without a Deep Understanding of Their Own Religion, Heritage, and History Think Little of Disavowing Them

Jewish Racism: Is it Superior to the Racism of the Gentiles?

The Great "Aha Moment" in Israel

Is it All about Motherhood?

The Czech Holocaust Torah at Beit Tshuva in Los Angeles

Sex, Money, and Video Games: a Modern Equivilant to Idolatry?

In Which Direction is America's Morality Heading?

The American Jew: How One Group of Immigrants Changed a Nation

Jewish Marriages Made in Heaven

How to Achieve the Perfect Marriage

Sandy Koufax: a Brief Encounter

An Apology to Homosexuals, Gays, Lesbians regarding Jewish Law

Creating Meaningful Jewish Rituals - A Recipe for Well-Being

The Brooklyn Dodger Meets The Louisville Slugger

Renewing Jewish Inspiration from the Birthright Program

A Return to the Jewish Roots

Jews, Genes, and Converts to Judaism

Jewish Life with Special Needs Children

Jewish Immigrants to America as Seen through Letters

Becoming Aware of the Hidden Dangers in Groups

Why the Ultra Orthodox in Israel Do Not Work

Have Homosexuals Taken Over Jewish Education?

Actions Have Consequences: Bernie Madoff and The Holocaust

Solomon Bibo, a Jewish man from Poland, was a Chief of the Acoma Indians of New Mexico

Bronx Memories

You Can Trust Man To Do His Job

The Energy of a Mezuzah

The Worth Of A Human Life

Women Make Jewish Souls

Finding Paradise on Highway 89

Poem: Double Date with an Anti-Semite

My Grandfather Escaping Czarist Russia

Freedom of Religion versus Animal Rights

Magic Eyelashes: Visit to Bubbie and Zaddie

Why Jewish Minds Excel in Academics

"Was Your Grandfather Jewish?" A Jew Travels in Europe

America, the Beautiful using Earth's resources?

On Teaching Judaism to Seventh Graders

Money Can Bring Happiness: The Real Cost of Living

Is Life's Value Measured by its Capacity to Entertain? Value of Life and the Third Temple,

Life in Israel; View from an Ex-Pat

The Synagogue in Rome with Five Shuls, A Lesson in Jewish Pluralism

The Mother's Bris Experience

Immigrant Pioneers to the USA

Grandparents and the Chain of Generations

Blessings Under the Big Sky

Good and Bad Deaths

Nostra Aetate: The Popes' Proclamation that the Jews are Not Responsible for Killing Jesus

Jewish Stamps Commissioned for England

A Zionist debt fulfilled: Rev. William Hechler, the Christian who backed Theodor Herzl

What is the Percentage of Jews?/a>

Remembering and Resembling your Parents

Intermarriage in England

Canada Boycots Durban

Comparing Censorship Under the Germans and under the Russians

Support our Home Team: Israel

Jewish Free Loan Societies, the G'mach in Israel

Showboat - the Broadway Play that Captured America

Making of the Jewish Identity in the Twentieth Century

Who is a Jew: the Challenge of Modern Jewry

Shiva Etiquette - Visiting a Jewish Home Durring the Seven Day Mourning Period

Israel: Making the Dream into the Reality

Alternatives to Urban Living

When Lightning Strikes.Schluff!

What keeps Jews Going on the Jewish Journey throughout History?

Remembering a Jewish Wedding from Europe's Yesteryear

Marriages and Shidduchs, Mazel and Meeting your Mate

Grandparents Missing, Grandchildren Missing

Do You Remember the Catskills?

Getting Jewish Education off Life Support

Coming of Age in Skokie the Bar Mitzvah Rite

Move Over Sandy Koufax

Jews in Prison

First Aid for Jewish Marriages

Help Wanted: Getting Jewish Education off Life Support

Sacrifices in the Temple and giving Charity

What it means to be Jewish

The Bar Mitzvah Ordeal

Shakespeare's Shylock: Why is the Merchant of Venice" called Shakespeare's anti-Semitic play?

The American Jew: The Future of an Illusion

God of All Creatures - Remembering Father

Perspective on Marriage - What is Between Husband and Wife

Banning Jew Haters In Canada. A Knight in Shining Armour or a Trojan Horse?

Human Rights Activists for Equal Rights for Muggers, Robbers and Homosexuals

Find Your Mate; avoid the duds

A personal visit with Gilad Shalit's family

Abraham Lincoln and the Jewish Laws of War

A Demon in Galicia, Its Exorcism, and What Happened After

Love in the Canonical Literature

Under the Wedding Canopy - a Historical Perspective

Stress and Anxiety Study - free on-line treatment to Jews

Yiskor for Ruchela

A Jewish Girl comes of Age and leaves the Yankees behind her

Customs from the Wedding Chupah

Is Yours one of the Great Marriages?

Six Remembrances

God of the Yankees

The Guy with the Skirt

My Socialist Bar Mitzvah

If I forget thee... Why I am an Israeli

Getting Ready for a New Year?

A Time to Make Up for what is Lacking in Israel

Baseball in Israel

What Happens to Jewish Child who is Expelled from Jewish School?

Three Days by the Dead Sea

The Woman I See at the Mikvah

A Professor Retires

Protecting Family Values

Comforting the Poor - A lesson from the Talmud

Genealogy Turns Up Jewish Roots

Genealogy and the Holocaust - The Other Raphael

Selecting a Mate Dating, Marriage, and the Jewish Way

Herzl Day - Did You Ever Hear of it?

The Golem and its History

Ruth, the Perfect Convert

Judaism's Positive Approach to Converts

A Jerk or in the Image of God?

Jewish Sexual Customs - A Brief Guide to Family Purity

Why is the Traditional Liberal Jew becoming Conservative?

Developments in Technology in Jewish Schools in Eastern Europe

The Last Jews on Irvington Avenue

Jews of India

Saying kaddish on the road was always a challenge>

Book Review: New Mexico's Crypto-Jews: Image & Memory

Jews Fighting For Their Country

She asked,"Are there many Jewish students at your school?"

Under Father's Tent, Still and Always

The Wei Pei Chinese Restaurant

Educating Chilren in Giving and Charity

How to make a Successful Aliyah to Israel

Wheels of Love from Tiberia to Jerusalem

The Oy's of Jewish Motherhood

The Bronx Deli

My Jewish Florida

Life in Israel - Returning the Gas Masks

Jewish Life in Iran Today

Sexual Harassment in the Religious Community

Dumbing Down Judaism


A Garden in Yitzhar

Why are Jews so Smart?

Adjusting to New Family Holiday Customs,

Snapshots from France

The Twin Towers, a Memoir

The Day I Learned About "Tzedaka"

Celia's Journey Home,

Dystonia and the Jewish Girl,

The Young Clowns Volunteer in Israeli Hospitals,

Emily Wasserman - the Youngest Volunteer,

Celebrating the Goodness of Giving,

Geneology: The Journey From Mogilev (Belarus), To U.S.,

Jewish Free Loan Society

Why Are Jews So Smart?

The Band that Changed Jewish Music

Leprosy, the Jew and the World

The Lewisburg Prison United Jewish Appeal

Something happened when I was in the Israeli army

A Woman of Valor

Marriage and Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Relating - How to Get You Life into Perspective

Escorting the Dead & Closing the Grave

Coping with Dementia

Reflections and Recommendations on Mourning and Condolence

Living Waters - First Time in a Mikva


Project of Hope

Don't Worry, Be Jewish

I Know I'm Jewish

Good Health: L'Chaim

Why are Jews so Smart?

Etiquette Guide for a Jewish Simcha

Jewish History on Jamaica

A Brazilian Jewish Childhood

How to Determine if Your Favorite Charity is Milking You

Breaking Through to Rebelious Teenagers

Must One Pay to Pray?

Learning to Breathe Easier in a World of Young Children

Shivah Etiquette: Guide to Comforting the Mourner

Separating Sexuality from Business

Bat Mitzvah at Masada

Coming to America

Exploring Jewish Identities and Heritages

Living through the Katushas from Hezbollah

Knicknames and Cousins

Meet Your Royal Ancestors

Collecting Jewish Athletes

Undoing the Destruction of the Temple

Why Not Relax the Rules for Converts?

A Perspective on the Failings of all Three Mainstream Jewish Movements

Jewish Attitude on Midwives

Intermarriage and Jewish Survival

A Strong American Economy Means a Stong Israel

What is the Jewish View on Marriage and Divorce?

Memior: From the Russian Revolution to the USA, Today

Gush Katif and Home

Schizophrenia and Ashkenazi Jews

From Rechovot to Karnei Shomron - Moving Beyond the Green Line

American Judaism and the Future

Jewish Funerals

A Brief Look at Some Popular Jewish Superstitions

An Israeli Soldier Chance Meeting on an Israeli Bus

Experiencing Reserve Duty in Gush Katif Rafiach Yam

Why Jews Are Smart

A Lesson for Life and for the Gaza Strip

London Underground Bombing

The Planned Destruction Of The State Of Israel

Coming to Live in Israel

Dreams and their Meanings

Marriage Enrichment

Meeting the Russians in the Israeli Army

Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community

A Little Old Time Red Sox Religion

Protesting in Israel - A Personal Account

Tatteleh - a Memoir

Jewish Family Life and Corporate Business

Yesterday, a Year Ago - Remembering Chezi Goldberg

The Zaida (grandfather)

Rosenfeld, Inc. and the Yontif Suit

Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community

A Little Old Time Red Sox Religion

Protesting in Israel - A Personal Account

Tatteleh - a Memoir

Jewish Family Life and Corporate Business

Yesterday, a Year Ago - Remembering Chezi Goldberg

The Zaida (grandfather)

Rosenfeld, Inc. and the Yontif Suit

Holding the Line in Hebron

Horrifying Obsession

Yad LeTinok, Helping Mothers and Babies

Personal Advancement versus Group Benefits

Self Improvement Through Jewish Stories

What Men Look For Jewish Girls

Dealing with Low Self Esteem

Staying in There

Being Happy

Tzadakah in Real Time

Striving for Kashrut

Tattoos in Judaism

Controlling Anger via Judaism

Rabbi Rambo

Controlling Your Ego

Christian Support for Israel

Sodomy Rape Homosexuality and the Jewish Family

Pregnacy - B'Shaa Tovah

Significance of an Identity

Rabbi Rambo

Controlling Your Ego

Christian Support for Israel

Sodomy Rape Homosexuality and the Jewish Family

Pregnacy - B'Shaa Tovah

Significance of an Identity

You've Got Family

Large Families

Jews for ?

Meeting Your Mate

Kosher Sex

Bikur Cholem

Is Religion Ruining Judaism?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Jewish Charity is Different

Dhimmi - Jews and Christians Under Islam

Discrediting Fear

When Chinese Worry Met Jewish Angst

Jewish Animal Activism

Mom's Dating Rules

Jewish Strife

the Mother who Fought the IDF & Won!

What are Friends For?

Jewish Genealogy

Becoming Pregnant

the Shtetl in the New World

Love Your Fellow Jew

Self Sex Attraction

Jewish Parenting

Mapping a Successful Marriage

Jewish Collective Guilt

Finger Nails

Kibbutz Experience

Meeting Jews

Club Med

Jews in Christian Colleges


"Chai There" - Recognizing Jews

Jewish Education

A Miraculous Recovery

Jewish Prison Volunteers

Hope for Children with CP

the Hidden World of Kindness


Society & Jewish Social Values

Common Jewish Diseases

Jewish Sexual Traditions

What is in a Name

Jewish Prisioners

Love Jewish Style

Praise & Criticism

Facilitated Communication

Forbidden Sexual Relations

Israeli Youth

Sex and Judaism

Harry Golden and the Coat

the Ghost of Bugsy Goldstein

Mako Shark and Jewish Roots

Martial or Martial Arts?

Jewish Blood

the New Anti-Semitism

Being Happy



Enjoying Life Jewish Style

Yiddishe Mamma



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