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Shavuot, it was the Festival of the First Fruits

Shavout from the Past, Captured on Video from the Spielberg Archives

What was it like at Mount Sinai when the Torah was Given?

Mount Sinai was all in Smoke - The Torah was Revealed

Ruth, the Perfect Convert

Judaism's Positive Approach to Converts

Joy and Spirituality

Shavuot - Going From the 7 Mitzvot of the Children of Noah to the 613 Mitzvot of the Torah

Why Two Days of Yom Tov?

Shavuot, Completing the Transition from Passover to Shavuot

Shavuot & Freedom

Shavuot Cheesecake Recipe

Shavuot Mystical Insight

Cheesecake Recipe

the Difference Between Yom Tov & Shabbat


Shavuot & the Torah

Shavuot -The Holiday of the Torah

Climbing up Mount Sinai

Shavuot & the Torah



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