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Moses Elias Levy

Joan Winters: A Life Cut Short in Jerusalem, 1933

Solomon Nunes Carvalho: A Jewish Explorer of the American Frontier

The U.S.S.Georgia and The Mystery of Seaman Benjamin Kreiger

Laura Margolis: Shanghai Savior 1941-1943

Anna's Story: a Jewess Growing Up in Pre-Nazi Austria

The True Story of William Saunders Crowdy, a Slave, who went on to become a Black Rabbi

August Bondi The True Story of an Abolitionist Jew who fought to free the American Slaves

The life and times of Saadia Gaon

Yitzhak Shamir: A personal story

The World's First Woman Engineer

Remembering Pesach Kaplan, Yiddish Writer

Abraham ibn Ezra, the Scholar's Rabbi from the Middle Ages

Barney Ross, Jewish-American Boxing Champion and War Hero

Albert Einstein and His Mission in Turkey

Remembering Sergeant Harry Fisher

Moses Mendelssohn - The Jewish Reformer

Jim Levy, Irish Jewish Gunfighter of the Old West

Mordecai Manuel Noah and the Jewish State of Ararat

General Marie-Pierre Koenig and the Jewish Brigade

Hector Nunes, True story of a secret Crypto-Jew who provided intelligence data on Spanish activities to Queen Elizabeth I

The True Case of Alfred Nossig, Jewish intellectual, Jewish leader, Jewish traitor

Joseph Caro, His Books Influence our Lives

Rabbi Eliezer the Great/A>

Rebecca Eden, World War II nurse

Lillian Loewe, 1914

James Bond, Jabotinsky and the Holocaust

Leon Greenman (Holocaust survivor # 98288)

Asser Levy, the First Jewish Police Officer in North America

Isaac Leslie Hore-Belisha, Jewish British Secretary of State for War

A Tale of Two Sergeants, Sam Dreben, American Soldier and Jewish Hero

The Tosphos, the Grandchildren of Rashi

The True Story of the Last in Herzl's Family

Wiesel, Levinas and Chouchani

Leon Trotsky and the Jews

Richard Gottheil - the Reluctant American Zionism

The Silence of Modern Hebrew Poet Avraham Ben Yitzhak

Annals of a Traveler: Herzl Museum

Gerard Frydman, the Yiddish Theater

Sidney Selig - From Nazi Germany to Israel via America

Searching for Stanley Stein - A Jew in the American Leper Colony

Going Home - A Jewess From China

Joachim Gans, first Jew in America

Pvt. Benjamin B. Levy, Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War

Yizhar Smilansky, a Tribute

The Sad and Embarrasing History of Theodor Herzl's Children

The Great Rabbi Eliezer

House of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook

Ariel Sharon, the Heart of a Lonely Soldier

Eli Cohen, Our Man in Damascus

The True Story of Billy the Kid & The Murder of Morris Bernstein

Mihail Sebastian Diary of Romanian Holocaust

Guess Who is this Famous Israeli from his Bio

Warder Cresson, Quaker, Jew

Emma Lazarus - Jewish Poet

Moses - What Made Him Who He Was?

The Baal Shem Tov

Lord George Gordon

Moses Montefiore

Shimon bar Kokhbah

Moses, the Jewish Leader

Shlomo (Solomon) ibn Gibirol, Poet Philoshoper

Ahad Ha-Am, Zionist Leader

Sigmund Freud, the Jew

Manya Shcohet - Mother of the Kibbutz Movement

Elie Cohn Spy in Damascus

Ahuva Gray

Vladimir Jabotinsky

Chaim Wiezmann

Albert Einstein the Jew

Hannah Senesh

Lillian Wald

Anne Frank

Golda Meir

Dr Joseph Goldberger & His Gift

Joshua and the Prostitute

Sarah Froner - Early Feminists

Eliezer Ben Yehuda

David Ben Gurrion

Wyatt Earp & the Jews


Avishai Raviv & theYitzhak Rabin Conspirasy

Chaim Arlosoroff


The Rambam

Shabbetai Tzvi, the False Messiah

Shabbetai Zvi

Achar, the Recalcitrant Rabbi

Moses Montifiore's Dream


Theodore Herzl

Menachem Mendel of Kotzk


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