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Sharia Law: A Chilling Insight into Islamic Law

Jews who became Admirals in a Muslim Navy

Praise of Folly: Was There Ever a Chance of Peace?

What is Different in the Islamic Mind that makes them think differently from us?

Truth, Justice or Peace? which is the Jewish choice?

Does the Pursuit of Peace Brings War?

The State of Israel and Holocaust Denial

David's Sling; Is It Broken? Israel and the Relationship to the Various Arab Countries

Israel as an 'Apartheid' state: The Thoughts of an ex-South African who lived in White-ruled South Africa and knows what 'apartheid' is first hand

Palestinian Authority Cheats on Population Count

Why Peace will not come with Islam

What Happened to Israeli Brains and Courage?

Book Review: How Did Jews Fare in Arab Lands?

The Koran, The Tribute, Or The Sword! - Islam's Conquest of the Middle East

Why Abbas Doesn't Want Jews in Palestine

The Ship of Fools: Polictical Commentators and Understanding the News

Creation of a Palestinian State: A Better Plan

Will a Palestinian State Benefit the Palestinians?

Will all Israel return to the Promised Land?

Pequots, Peki'in and Palestinianism and the story of Israel

Discriminationfor Being a Jew Visiting the Temple Mount

Lotto & Rational Irrational People

"Rough-and-tumble" of Israel's Democracy

Sixty Three Years of Independence: Israel's Independence Day

What Claim do the Jews have to the Land of Israel?

What Exactly is the Arab-Israeli Conflict About?

Arabs Speaking out against Anti-Semitism: A Risky Business

Let the Jews Have the Same Freedom to live where they Choose as the American Blacks today enjoy

Ideologic Hypocrisy

European Discovery of Egypt

Interview with Dr. Sami Alrabaa - On the threshold of a Fiasco

The Children's Hour in Gaza

The Wisdom of Shlomo, the Barber that is...Understanding the Arab Mind

What the Gaza Strip could have been

Obstacles to Peace in Middle East

Israel: The Separation Fence

Hypocrisy in Europe Surfaces During Gaza War

Jewish Ethics in War

General George Patton knew how to fight a war

How to Get the World To Hate Israel

Refuting the Arab Power Speakers

Hamas and the Lesson of Prussia

The Speech that Olmert Should Have Made

A personal view of Israel on her 60th anniversary

Is Peace with the Arabs Possible?

My Personal Lesson from General Patton

Arab Israel Conflict - Back to Basics

J'accuse - Was the Mohammad al Dura filming staged?

Dodging Rocks in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Jewish Life in Iran Today

Dealing with Islamics and Arab Dictators

The Nazi connection to Islamic Terrorism,

Scandal in UNRWA: the welfare state of "Palestine"

A Muslim Speaks out on Islamic Terror Organizations

Ahmadinejad, the Trainer of Youthful Basij Martyrs Believes in Death

Iran's Holocaust Conference and Ahmadinejad

Where is our Documentary?

Lebanon - While We Were Sleeping

Let Rhetoric Reign: Israeli Arab Conflict

Will the Western World Win?

The Resurgence of Orwellian Ideals: Israel, Hisballah and Lebanon

Exploring the Hidden Roots of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Hamas, Fatah, and Israel

Comparison of Arab and Jewish Nobel Prize Winners

Problems of Arab Journalists Reporting the News

Mid-East Update & Lost Perspectives

A Lesson for Life and for the Gaza Strip

What the Muslims are Taught About Us

Zionism, Judaism, and the Jewish People

Ariel Peres, Shimon Sharon and the end of Zionism

Islam's Problem with Israel

Radical Reform and the Arab Agenda

History of the Root of Arab Terror

Learning to Live and do Business in the Face of Terrorism


Horrifying Obsession

Islamic Intolerance

Terrorism and Innocence

Einstein Germany and the "Palestinians"

New Approach to Stopping Arab Terror

Israeli Settlements

Intellectual Honesty in Recognizing Terrorism

Jihad of the Pagans

Terrorism - Change Must Come From Within

Putting an End to a Terrorist

Patrons of Arab Terrorism

the Reason for Terror

Terrorism - Speaking the Unspeakable

Put Arafat on Trial

the Myth of al-Aqsa

Judaism Versus Islam

I Believe Arafat

Dhimmi - Jews and Christians Under Islam

Terror Islam and its Inherent Danger

Oslo -a Religious Cult

Victory in the Arab Conflict

The True Face of Islam

Bernard Lewis on Islam

Militant Islam

Terrorism - is There a Limit to Unthinkability?

Middle East Peace - American Style

Stressed Out in the Middle-East

Asking the Right Questions about Middle-East Peace

the Root of Arab Terrorism

Historical Quotations Relating to the Arab Israeli Conflict

Hamas Mixes Religion with Terrorism

Israeli-Arab Facts

Middle East Conflict

Arabs & Palestine


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