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       The Jewish Magazine no longer is accepting new articles for publication.

       Our mission was and is to provide an warm haven and an opportunity for you to share in our Jewish heritage either by having quality articles published to be shared by others, to enrich and expand our existing spiritual experiences through sharing our ideas and experiences.

       The Jewish Magazine REPOSITORY is there for you:

       The Jewish Magazine started on the Internet in 1997, a long time ago in Internet time. We put out new magazines each month and we continued for 17 wonderful and beautiful years. But we felt that it was time to stop putting up new articles BUT not close down the magazine. So we have made it into a repository for all to enjoy, to read, to grow and understand what is Judaism and NOT from a single view point.

       Our authors come from all types of backgrounds from Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Secular and even non-Jewish. The criteria was simple: Is the article authentic? Does it reflect what is a Jew? If it was we put it on and we hope that it will stay on for a very long time.

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