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Jewish Horoscope for the Jewish New Year 5776

by Yaakov Kronenberg and the JMag Staff

It has become a bit of a tradition that at the time of the Jewish New Year and also the secular new year, we at the office of the Jewish Magazine go over to visit our favorite Cabbalistic astrologer to hear what the constellations have in store for the new year. It was obvious to us that Yaakov Kronenberg had prepared well for our visit as he drew out his charts, tables and diagrams that he uses when he prepares a horoscope for a client.

We came to him with our own set of question that many people had asked us to ask him. The following is this list of questions and concerns that we wanted him to look into.

1 What changes do you see happening in light of US Iranian nuclear agreement?
2 Do you see any financial changes in store for the world?
3 What is going to happen from all the various armies fighting in Syria and Iraq?
4 Will there be any changes this year for Israel?
5 Do you see any new balance or political alliances in the Middle East?
6 Do you see any changes in the American political balance or predictions for the up coming elections? Will Hillary win?
7 How, and if, will the current Israeli government continue?

Also we asked Yaakov if there any thing else on the horizon that we haven't mentioned?

Yaakov smiled, drew up his charts and responded in his carefully worded manner. He told us that the big changes in the sky show that Saturn is now moving into Sagittarius, which is the sign that rules education and religion. Sagittarius is the constellation that has values while Saturn brings about difficulties. So we can see many difficulties in values and in directions, in ethics and in morality. This means that we might see bigger and bigger advances in atheism and problems in higher education. We can also see more serious arguments about which directions people should be going.

On the other hand, Jupiter, which is brings out ethics and morals, is going into Virgo, which is connected with medicine, health and services, so we might just expect to see major breakthroughs in medicine. In addition, we can look forward to seeing a increase in the use of robots and robotics which will become very common. The use of robots will take over much of the work of people and these people who are displaced will have to find alternative types of work.

In regard to the US and Iran, we see that America is beginning to remove themselves from having major influences in the Middle East since they are basically giving Iran whatever Iran wants. This means the various local countries in the Middle East will have to find their own balance and agreements of powers. In making this agreement with Iran,

America is showing its weakness since it is not willing to stand up and fight for their beliefs. It is not so much the making of the deal but rather the desire to make the deal that shows up the American weakness in terms of lack of spirit to fight for what they believe in. The Iranians and the Arabs sense this weakness and will take all possible advantage of this weakness. It may not be apparent in the beginning, but eventually the Iranians and Arabs will turn around and may begin to fight in Europe since many of the European countries like Greece and Italy have no strong army. Will America step in to help?

In terms of finances in the world and in America, we saw a drop in commodities, especially with gold and oil and sugar, but they already reached a low in the year 2000, but then they came back up. It seems that as a group everything got a big hit, that has ended, however now only individual commodities will fluctuate, that each one will go up or down based on the various individual commodity sector needs.

Uranus, which is planet of change, and Pluto, which influences corporate and establishment power system, are now are meeting. Uranus is in the sign of war and new beginnings, and Pluto is in the sign of the status quo (which is Capricorn). So what this may mean is that we will be seeing the banks trying to control the 'system' to keep the stocks high, we see this especially now in China which is making decrees to prevent a crash. Israel seems to be in the middle of the financial mess but never the less seems to be guided by Divine intervention, whereas Americans could get hurt.

America, itself, is going through massive changes in its personal identity of who it is. Today the country is losing the structure of being a family based structure and without a family based structure it is difficulty to keep ideals and ethics as they once were. So people are losing their values that once held the country together and this means that the state must increasingly police the people to replace the lack of internal morals and ethics that no longer are held in esteem.

We are seeing no cohesiveness between the various peoples in the industries and those who invest and live in their state. This will eventually cause many problems in who and what is America.

What this will mean is that the small people who vote will lean more towards the extremes. The more the common people see their financial needs being ignored, the more they will look towards the extreme political views since it is the extreme political politicians who are stating and representing the needs of the small people.

If America falls, it will not from the outside but rather it will be from the inside. When the Arabs lose their fear of America, meaning that first America is going to morally and ethically crumble, losing its direction and will to fight, then the Iranians and Arabs will sense this and begin to challenge the USA.

Israel on the other hand seems to have a more cohesive population, even though from first glance at the political and social dynamics, it would seem the opposite since there are so many divergent views and political parties in Israel, yet since Israel has such a dangerous common enemy and its danger is so real that this unites all the various divergent streams of belief.

It looks like Europe will be the next spot of global problems since many of refugees from all of the global wars and fighting are going to the Europe. Demographically speaking, the Muslims will soon begin to control Europe. Add to this the potential for the Islamic extremists to begin a challenge to the social and political structure in Europe. We can look forward to more problems coming from Islam in Europe.

Now we are fortunate that the various Islamic extremists and terror groups are fighting and killing each other. The fighting in the Middle East will only get worse between the various Muslim powers. We will probably see an increase, and not a decrease, in the Muslim genocide.

Israel might see some problems coming about from the Northern border but I don't think Hamas will get too involved; they suffered enough from their foolish war last year with Israel and they got no where with it. However Iran wants to show it is the new leader and might just influence some attacks from the various groups that are on Israel's Northern border area.

In terms of the Israeli government present structure and its stability, many people had predicted that it will not last long, but just the opposite seems to be coming. It seems that this government has a good chance of staying in power at least for the next year and maybe even the year after.

In the Israeli chart, Saturn is moving in the third house, the house of neighbors, and although Saturn is a negative power that normally brings in negative things, but here we are to understand that Saturn represents the opposite of idealism. Jupiter is idealism. But Saturn means doing what is good for the self, in this case, meaning for the benefit of the individual country. So we might see that in the Middle East, many countries will give up their idealism and values to protect themselves.

Now more hidden alliances are being made with Israel since many countries that did not want to align with Israel are realizing that it is to their advantage to align with Israel. As the Arabs say, "the enemy of your enemy is your friend," so we can begin to see many new alliances in the Middle East, that will first be hidden and eventually they will come out.

Regarding the American elections, at this point I don't think Hillary will make it to the White House, nor will Bernie Sanders, since his being Jewish will hold him down. It is not clear now who will win, but it is possible that some underdog who will appeal to the minorities and take the election, but only time will tell.

With that, Yaakov folded up his charts and excused himself. He is busy preparing personal horoscopes for his many clients. We thanked Yaakov and left his presence feeling honored that he would share his secrets with us.

If you are interested in having a private personal horoscope made especially for you, you can contact Yaakov at: or visit his website at:


from the 2015 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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