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        January 2015    
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The Jewish Astrological Horoscope for 2015

By Yaakov Kronenberg and the Jmag Staff

As we at the Jewish Magazine are wont to do this time of the year, we went to visit our famed resident astrologer, Yaakov Kronenberg, to see what he sees in the stars that is going to shape our lot for the New Year, 2015.

Looking back on 2014, Yaakov predicted for 2014 in the Jewish Magazine:

    "Uranus is in the sign of war - that is Aries. Jupiter increases the emphasis of everything, bringing out the warlike nature of the planets. So during this period of time there is going to be increases in warfare in the world and increases in natural disasters since all of these planets are pushing one against the other for dominance".

Whereas we did not see too much in the sense of natural disasters, with the exception of the giant oil spill in Israel, we did see a tremendous increase in violence in the Islamic world. We saw the war between Israel and Hamas, the growth and terror of the ISIS, Boku Haram, and the various other Islamic terrorist groups all increasing their terror activities like in Africa the kidnapping of a few hundred school girls and then selling them as slaves or wives, the brutal murder in Pakistan of some 150 school children, just to mention a few extreme acts of Islamic terror.

So we were very curious what will be with this coming year, 2015.

Yaakov: I already stated last year: "I had predicted four years ago that when Uranus, the planet of revolution, would go into Aries, which is the sign of war, that there would be revolutions in countries and wars between countries for eight years." So this terror and war will continue through this year and perhaps another 3 to 4 years.

Now in the sky there is a very powerful aspect between two so called modern planets, Uranus and Pluto. One of the students of the Rabbi Eliyahu, (the Vilna Gaon) by the name of Rabbi Pinkus, the author of the book, Sefer HaBrit that is quoted often by many kabbalists says that the modern planets have come to bring major changes in the world. They are not so much to bring change to the individual as to bring the world closer to the Messiah.

A few weeks ago these two planets started fighting with each other and this fight will carry on until the beginning of April. We will begin to see a twist in the war on terror that it will be fought on an economic level instead of a military level. For example, the oil price crash was started by Saudi Arabia to get back at Iran and Russia. The Saudis hate Iran even more than Iran hates Israel since Iran is a very real threat to Saudi Arabia. Saudi is the biggest and cheapest oil producer in the world. Iran the third biggest. Saudi wants to ruin Iran's economy so they are glutting the market with oil. This also hurts Russia who is major oil producer whom Saudi views as helping their enemies.

So this means that there are concealed economic manipulations going on behind the scenes that are going to cause many changes in the world financial situation, changes in currency valuation, and commodity price changes that will affect the entire world economy. So it is very important in the next months to watch what is changing.

On the good side, America is on the way to becoming the world's largest oil producer since they have discovered shale oil, except that it is a bit expensive to get it out of the ground. So Saudi, by flooding the market, dissuades America from producing their own oil. Saudi can't continue forever with low prices, so eventually the American will succeed. This is a blessing for America since it will produce more jobs and inflow of money. In general, the outlook for America looks more or less stable for this coming year.

The major change in the sky now is the Saturn is moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Where ever Saturn goes it brings difficulty. Sagittarius rules higher education, religion, long distance travel (aviation) and international business. These areas will have a negative influence in the coming year. For example higher education is very expensive and this will cause people to rebel against higher education. We will see people finding cheaper alternatives, like smaller cheaper colleges and online education. This will be a movement to revamp higher education in America.

Aviation will see problems and perhaps more accidents than before. Although we would think that since the price of oil is coming down, also prices of flight will be reduced but that remains to be seen. We might also see problems with drones which are becoming more common in more and more involved in more aspects of today's life.

Religion will suffer also with more intolerance. For example, now we don't speak of war between religions but rather between organizations like ISIS or Hamas and Israel. But we will begin to see that the fight is really a fight between Christianity and Islam instead of between the West and the Levant. It is changing also in Israel that we used to think the fight is over land, but we will see that it is not over land that the Arabs hate the Jews, rather the Arabs do not want peace because of religious principles. Also in the Arab world, they are killing each other because of differing religious values; each one sees the other as the infidel.

There could even be a fall out between different ethnic groups.

It could very well be that this fall out will manifest itself in Israel in the aftermath of the coming elections whereas no one will really have a decisive victory and the stability of the government will hinge of the union of small parties that do not get along well. It could take a long time to put together a government.

For the time being, it seems as the enemies of Israel seem to have cooled their passionate hatred to destroy Israel for the present. It seems that it will heat up again in the middle or near end of 2016.

We always enjoy hearing Yaakov's predictions. If you are interested in a personal horoscope, you can contact Yaakov at or visit his website at


from the January 2015 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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