Comparing the Story of Joseph to Jews in America Today

            January 2014    
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Joseph in America

By Nachum Mohl

Up to this point is the story in short of Joseph. Joseph understood the way of G-d better than most people. He saw the hand of G-d in all of Joseph's life to the point that he did not hold in his heart any grudge against his brothers for what they had done to him since it really was the will of G-d that he be sent to Egypt as part of the divine plan to provide sustenance for Jacob and his family during the time of severe famine.

But if we think a short bit, it really comes short. G-d's plan was really more than just giving Jacob and his family sustenance during the time of famine. True Joseph did sustain his family during the years of severe shortages but more important was that the Jews settled in Egypt and even after the years of famine ended they remained in Egypt and enjoyed their wealth and status there. That was until many, many years later when a new king (Pharaoh) arose who did not know Joseph (who had long died) and through this wicked king's scheming the Jews were put into state slavery. In this state of slavery they remained in exile until conditions were so terrible that the Jews screamed to G-d to save them.

This G-d did do using Moses and the ten plagues to extract his chosen people from their bondage in Egypt. In doing this G-d established an extended family (Jacob and his sons) to become a great nation, the nation of Israel.

So what has this to do with us?

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from the January 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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